Cableguys announces Cableguys Bundle, save on Curve, FilterShaper & VolumeShaper


Cableguys has announced the Cableguys Bundle, a collection of its commercial effect and instrument plugins for Windows and Mac.

Now, with all effects updated, we feel it’s time for a Cableguys Bundle, containing the latest versions of Curve, FilterShaper and VolumeShaper.

Until March 1st, you can get the Cableguys Bundle for a special introductory price of EUR 129/USD 174!

If you already own one of our products, you have the time-limited option to upgrade to the Cableguys bundle until March 1st. Please log in to see your personal upgrade offer.

Cableguys Bundle

  • Curve – unique software synthesizer with editable waveforms and preset sharing.
  • FilterShaper 2 – create complex volume, pan and filter modulations with ease.
  • VolumeShaper 2 – automate the volume of any signal in a flexible way and with unparalleled ease of use.

The Cableguys Bundle is available at a 30% discount until 1 March, 2011.

More information: Cableguys

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  • Great deal. I’ve been checking out Curve, great synth for creating unique sounds.

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