Cableguys updates Curve to v1.1, synthesizer plugin for PC and Mac

Cableguys Curve

Cableguys has released version 1.1 of Curve, a unique software synthesizer with editable waveforms and preset sharing for Windows and Mac.

Creating sounds with Curve is intuitive and immediate. The waveform editor is irresistible, and provides completely new possibilities for experimentation and detailed tweaking. Three powerful oscillators, three envelope generators, two filters and four LFOs work together in a sophisticated modulations matrix, all set out in a clear, uncomplicated user interface.

Changes in Curve v1.1

  • Undo/redo for waveform drawing.
  • Aftertouch.

Curve for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available to purchase for 119 EUR / $159 USD.

More information: Cableguys / Curve

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  • CheddarMan

    The cost seems a bit aggressive, IMO! Doesn’t seem priced to sell.

  • It’s good though, quite unique. I will be reviewing this soon.

  • CheddarMan

    Decided to try it out and wasn’t particularly blown away, However… it does have some cool sounds that’s pretty usable. Sorry, it’s not the most unique vst I’ve seen or heard. It puts me in the mind of a Native instruments sound browser and a hodgepodge of Synth-Edit & Synth Maker GUI’s without color.

    I only tried it in FL Studio 9… with some things to note! The UI takes up quite a bit of real-estate. In fact, it takes up the entire work-space. There are a number of presets that are awfully CPU intensive that choked FL9 into the red.

    Another thing I noticed that doesn’t occur with a number of freeware synths I use is when you change sounds while FL is playing, it hiccups the
    sound engine. Maybe that’s 1 reason it has no built-in FX?

    I think curve (1.1) sounds pretty decent, I like it but, at the moment can’t justify the cost. Can’t wait to see your review on it. I’m curious how it performs on your machine and Daw?

  • I really like the waveform drawing. Having community driven presets is a neat feature, and I like that NI-ish preset browser.

    Only had a short time with it on my DAW (also FL Studio 9) but can’t remember if it had hiccups.

    I’m on a 2 week holiday (yeah, still working…) so I won’t be able to review it for a while but it’s on my shortlist.

  • @CheddarMan: Thanks for your feedback on Curve.

    The main reason Curve has no FX is that we do not consider it to be the most important thing for a synthesizer. We concentrated on the raw sound instead. For example, use an LFO with drastic settings routed to pitch across multiple octaves – you’ll hear no aliasing. Just one example, though.

    But – we let our users decide what to implement. Everyone can give their votes, no need to log in:

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