CamSR and ArkeCode release Float Crush

CamSR and ArkeCode have released Float Crush, a new type of bitcrusher exploiting the nature of the floating point unit. It offers something the regular bitcrusher can’t; a dual flavor distortion.

What does Float Crush do?
A floating point unit has three important segments to it, the sign, the exponent, and the mantissa. A normal 32-bit float uses 23 bits for it’s mantissa values and 7 bits for it’s exponent.

Float Crush (in default Cantabile GUI)Float Crush (in default Cantabile GUI)

What Float Crush does is applies quantization to the exponent and mantissa range of bits, the same quantization a normal bitcrusher would. But the difference is this creates a multi-staged effect, where quantizing the mantissa range brings a soft, airy texture, and the exponent range which can completely ‘rearrange’ the sound.

There’s only a few presets but try it out for yourself. When adjusting the exponent effect, you might notice the signal gets softer, if that happens use the Pre-Gain control to compensate.

Download the plug-in (.dll file, 100kb) below.

Float Crush Downloads: 11709 times

Accusonus ERA-R

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