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Review: Loopmasters Live Lounge, sample library by Andre Touhey

I don’t know what you think of when something gets labeled “Lounge music” but I simply associate this genre with downtempo music that makes me feel like… well, lounging I guess. Mellow beats and nice … read more

Review: Detunized ROLFING Laid Back Vol.1, sound pack for Ableton Live

About a year and a half ago Stephan Marche launched Detunized, a subscription service offering sample packs for Ableton, Reason and FL Studio on a monthly schedule. Stephan takes the road less traveled by creating … read more

Review: Sidsonic Libraries Circus Circuit Bending Library, massive collection of circuit bent sounds

Circuit bending has gathered quite a lot of attention in recent years. Sure it’s not for everyone, but blogs like Create Digital Music, GetLoFi, Make, etc. show there is plenty of interest in the art … read more

Review: Loopmasters Atjazz Deep & Analogue, sample library by Martin Iveson

Atjazz is one of the monikers of producer, DJ, prolific remixer (over 140 remixes worldwide), and record label founder Martin Iveson, who actually started out as a video game composer at Core Design (of Tomb … read more

Review: CFA-Sound CableSphere, 64 patches for u-he ACE virtual modular synth

CableSphere is one of three commercial soundsets for u-he’s ACE, the virtual modular synthesizer plug-in for Windows and Mac. It’s arrived: CableSphere, the third CFA soundset for U-He ACE. This collection of carefully selected sounds … read more

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Review: Beatserv Dark Downtempo 3

Regular rekkerd.org readers are probably familiar with Beatserv, the sample production outfit of Dean Dunakin and Wade Alin. Beatserv provides premium, royalty-free drum loops for creative use in audio production and performance. We utilize professional … read more

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Review: Sample Magic Soundtrack & Chill

Sample Magic has quite a track record when it comes to high quality sample libraries. Up to now most of its titles feature sounds for electronic dance music like (Tech) House, Minimal, Dubstep, etc. With … read more

Review: Cytomic The Glue

There are many applications for compression, from subtly fixing dynamics to creating wild effects. In my experience compressors (both hardware and software) are often the subject of heated discussions about analog versus digital, sound coloring … read more

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Review: Goldbaby Productions When Alien Drum Robots Attack!

After releasing three synthesizer based titles consecutively, Goldbaby returns with another drum sample library: When Alien Drum Robots Attack! When Alien Drum Robots Attack! features a large number of high quality samples. Kind of what … read more

Review: Vir2 Instruments World Impact: Global Percussion

Vir2 Instruments prouds itself in creating some of the most advanced virtual instrument libraries for Kontakt. The recently released electric guitar instrument Electri6ity took over three years to develop, and listening to the audio demos … read more

Review: Loomer Sequent

Loomer has recently released a new effect plug-in called Sequent. I figured Sequent had something to do with sequences, but English is not my first language so I looked up what it means. According to … read more

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Review: Loopmasters Progressive House & Future Tech

Loopmasters has released a new sample library by Andy Lee: Progressive House & Future Tech. I am not exactly sure by what standards something is called progressive house or future tech these days so I … read more

Review: Big Fish Audio Urban Nation

Big Fish Audio has just released Urban Nation, a construction kit style sample library for urban music. Urban Nation takes urban construction kits to the next level. Each of the 25 kits contains three distinct … read more

Review: Camel Audio Cinematic

Camel Audio has recently released Alchemy Player, a virtual instrument for playing and tweaking ready-to-play sounds from Camel Audio’s soundbank collection. Alchemy Player features the same advanced sample manipulation engine as its bigger brother, but … read more

Review: Goldbaby Productions The FatJuno-6

The FatJuno-6 is the second sample library in which Goldbaby combines vintage synthesizer sounds with UBK Fatso processing. The Juno-6 was the first in the Juno series of Synthesizers. Released in 1982 it has become … read more

Review: Sonokinetic The Roots Drumloops

Recent Sonokinetic releases seem to have redirected the company’s focus from “orchestral sampling” to DJ and urban type loops and samples. Even the previously released sample packs have received a new look to fit the … read more

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Review: Loopmasters Tech House & Deep Minimal

After writing his book “The Secrets of House Music Production”, Marc Adamo is back with Tech House & Deep Minimal, a new sample library which — as the title suggests, is a collection of sounds … read more

Review: Industrial Strength Records Vintage Breaks Vol.1

Industrial Strength Records has recently released Vintage Breaks Vol.1, a sample library featuring drum breaks by Evan Pazner. Even if you think you don’t know any “breaks” you have probably heard many of them in … read more

Review: Native Instruments Sonic Fiction

Sonic Fiction is Jeremiah Savage’s second sound library for Native Instruments’ Kore and Kore Player. Similar to Acoustic Refractions, in Sonic Fiction Jeremiah takes sampled material and shapes it into completely new and playable instruments … read more

Review: Wave Alchemy Drum Tools 01

Wave Alchemy has recently released another drum sample library, Drum Tools 01. Drum Tools 01 by Wave Alchemy offers over 1950 exquisitely produced electronic drum samples. All sounds in the collection have been built from … read more