Sample Remix Contest – Win D16 Group SilverLine Collection

Some of you have been reminding me it has been way too long since the last sample remix contest, and you’re right! If you are new to sample remix contests, the idea is simple: … read more

rekkerd mixed bag volume 2 – 26 free samples

Beats, basslines, synth melodies… This latest sample pack has them all. Mixed bag volume 2 features 26 samples, in 24bit/44kHz stereo wav format. The download is about 100MB, so I just dropped the samples … read more

rekkerd mixed bag volume 1

Time sure goes fast when you’re having fun. Earlier this year I became a dad, quite possibly the coolest thing ever to happen in my life. It is probably also one of the most life … read more

Free samples: REKKERD Loops – C_S_02

Codec_Spurt is back with another collection of loops. This time the pack features 57 samples in 24bit/44.1KHz stereo .wav format. Again mostly beats, but you’ll also find some melodic loops. You are free to use … read more

rekkerd sound recordings vol 1

I recently recorded some everyday sounds with a little pocket recorder. For the recording I used the Zoom H2, a lovely compact digital recorder (review by Echo Voodoo here). After editing the recording I ended … read more

rekkerd free loops 10 – 48 samples

It’s been a while since I’ve done a pack of loops so I figured let me post one before the year is over. This collection of samples includes a wide range of loops — beats, … read more

Free samples: REKKERD Loops – C_S_01

Codec_Spurt recently sent me a nice collection of loops. The pack features 32 samples in 24bit/44.1KHz stereo .wav format. Most of them are beats, but some melodic and noise/fx loops are included as well. You … read more

Free samples: ekit pack

It’s been a while since I’ve released some loops so I figured this time I’d include the single shot samples in the download so you can do your own! The ekit pack includes: 12 loops … read more

Sample Remix Contest: Win an Ohm Force ALL-ALL Bundle

Sample remix contests are usually quite boring. Download a sample pack, create a track with the included samples and hope the guy running the contest likes your stuff… or takes bribes. If you’re hoping this … read more

rekkerd free loops 09 – 20 beats

It has been a bit busy lately, but I’ve managed to put up another pack of beats. They are more or less variations of the same thing, but with quite a different sound. Simple beats, … read more

rekkerd no-kick pack vol. 1

This sample pack contains a bunch of 128bpm beats, suitable for electronic music. No-kick basically means the kick (bass drum) sound is missing or hi-pass filtered in these loops. Removing the low frequency sounds should … read more

One sequence (10 loops)

I’ve uploaded another free sample pack for your pleasure. One sequence contains 10 melodic loops, all from the same sequence. The one sequence pattern in FL Studio 7 The pattern is the same for all … read more

rekkerd free loops 08 – 14 melodic loops

Here’s another batch of samples, just in time for the holiday season. In this pack you will find a bunch of melodic loops. Organ, pads, trancy leads… It’s another mixed bag. The samples are all … read more

rekkerd free loops 07 – 16 beats

The rekkerd free loops 07 pack has a theme: distortion. All these beats have some type of distortion effect applied to them. Some effects are quite subltle, others not so subtle. The download includes 16 … read more

rekkerd free loops 06 – 42 free samples

It’s been a while since I posted some samples, so here’s another mixed bag of beats and melodies, in various genres. Quite a few distorted beats in this one, but also some smooth sounds to … read more

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MR 9999 – Brick Game 9999 in 1 samples

MR 9999 is a Brick Game handheld. You know, those boring Tetris type games with the terrible blippy sounds which drive everyone who’s not playing the game mad. I recorded some of the sounds (all … read more

rekkerd free loops 05 – 52 beats

I’ve done another batch of beats, just in time before I go on a holiday later this week. The loops go from 80 to 170bpm and should be useful in a broad range of electronic … read more

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15 free melodic loops

I always think beats/drums are more useful to people, but perhaps I’m wrong so I uploaded a few loops without beats, just melodic stuff. I hope some of you will find them useful. Download the … read more

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July 2007 pack – 32 free loops

This pack has 4 beats with some variations and fx applied for a total of 32 loops. They are free to use however you like (except you can’t sell them of course). A sample of … read more

6 loops added (2007.06.20)

The loops archive has been updated with 6 new loops. I hope you’ll find some of these samples useful. smackbox 01 zip/mp3 smack beat! (132bpm/03 sec) shareme 01 zip/mp3 loud dnb squeek (132bpm/07 sec) parabreak … read more