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rekkerd sound recordings vol 1

I recently recorded some everyday sounds with a little pocket recorder.

For the recording I used the Zoom H2, a lovely compact digital recorder (review by Echo Voodoo here).

After editing the recording I ended up with 85 files, in 24-bit/44kHz, stereo .wav format. The samples include sounds of me tapping on various objects (glass, lamp, vase etc.), wiggling keys, playing with some bicycle parts and more.

Download the sample pack (19.1 MB) below.

rekkerd sound recordings vol 1 Downloads: 8464 times

Let me know if these are useful to you and I’ll go out again and record some more sounds.

rekkerd free loops 10 – 48 samples

free loops!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a pack of loops so I figured let me post one before the year is over.

This collection of samples includes a wide range of loops — beats, melodies, fx & more. All 48 samples are in 24bit/44kHz stereo .wav format (75MB uncompressed).

Download the zip archive below (70.7MB)

rekkerd free loops 10 Downloads: 9716 times

More free samples are available from this page.

Free samples: REKKERD Loops – C_S_01

REKKERD Loops - C_S_01

Codec_Spurt recently sent me a nice collection of loops.

The pack features 32 samples in 24bit/44.1KHz stereo .wav format. Most of them are beats, but some melodic and noise/fx loops are included as well.

You are free to use these samples in your commercial and non-commercial projects as long as you don’t (re)sell them (i.e. in a sample library).

Download the sample pack below (31.5 MB)

REKKERD Loops - C_S_01 Downloads: 4063 times

Free samples: ekit pack

It’s been a while since I’ve released some loops so I figured this time I’d include the single shot samples in the download so you can do your own!

The ekit pack includes:

  • 12 loops (24bit/44Khz stereo .wav), some simple beats at 120bpm.
  • 12 sets of kick, snare, side/perc and hi-hat samples (16bit/44Khz mono .wav).

The loops are all constructed with the single shot samples only, and processed with some effects.

You can download the sample pack (7.6 MB) below. It’s free, but I do not mind donations.

rekkerd ekit pack Downloads: 5369 times

More free samples here.

Sample Remix Contest: Win an Ohm Force ALL-ALL Bundle

rekkerd sample remix contest

Sample remix contests are usually quite boring. Download a sample pack, create a track with the included samples and hope the guy running the contest likes your stuff… or takes bribes.

If you’re hoping this contest will be any different, I have to disappoint you. It’s actually exactly what you just read, except:

  1. the sample remix pack includes 100+ samples (many of which were generated/processed with Ohm Force plug-ins), so there’s plenty to work with.
  2. the readership picks the winner, so no point in trying to bribe me.
  3. the prize: Ohm Force ALL-ALL Bundle.

That’s right, you could win the complete collection of Ohm Force plug-ins, including Symptohm: Melohman and Ohmicide: Melohman. A value of $920 USD!

Excited? I know I would be, so go ahead and download the 54MB sample pack (84MB uncompressed) below to get started. And while you’re waiting for the download to complete, please read the contest rules below.

Sample Remix Pack 2008 Downloads: 12384 times

The sample pack contains 24-bit wav files (mono/stereo) which have been normalized to a peak of 0dB. The volume of the samples varies quite a bit, and some of them are quite raw ‘n nasty, so please be sure to protect your ears & equipment.

Sample remix contest rules

  • Only samples from the sample remix pack may be used. No other samples, generators or synths are allowed.
  • Samples may be processed/manipulated any way you like, please don’t hold back!
  • Entries must be encoded in mp3 format (minimum of 192kbit).
  • You may enter up to 2 entries.
  • Submissions must be in before the deadline of Thursday, 31 July, 2008*, after which there will be one week to vote for your top 3.
  • Every contestant will need to vote to be eligible to win (no, you may not vote for your own entry).
  • Prizes will be granted at the discretion of the voting committee. There may be prizes for the runners-up.

* update 31-07-2008
Note: I realize I didn’t write this so clearly. To clarify, make sure to submit your entry before the end of today, July 31. I’m on CET timezone, but if you submit at 11.55pm your local time that’s fine with me too.

Small print: By entering the contest you allow to publish your submission(s) on this website. Everything subject to change. Feel free to contact me if you’re worried about the details.

How to enter?

Use the contact form to submit your entry. Please include:

  1. a link to your hosted mp3 file
    (If you are unable to host the file just contact me and we’ll work something out).
  2. artist name, real name, website address and any other relevant info.


I will regularly update this page with new submissions.
(last update: 1 August 2008)

You can download all the tracks below or listen to them in the mp3 player on the right.

You can also visit some of the artists’ websites to get to know more about the people behind the songs (these links are in small bold text).

Track / Artist
Fall Again by Reason Lahalla ik mis je by Jonas The Plugexpert
No More Running by Morgan still remainz by sOuL*sCientiSt
Pripyat River by R4toLoco Ill Machine by Anders Thøgersen
Evolution by Embryonic Futz Schmucks Über by runagate
AD 2801 – Returning To Earth by Boba Fettuccini what a f*ck! by DJ M+R (a.k.a. Staring at Crossroads)
Entitled by Hideki Takimoto 6am by Jonathan Allen
Lucid Dreaming by Jonathan Allen Hint of oldschool by Filu
Dream Walker by TommyG 100 percent mouse by i suck, u rox
Duck Walk by André James Houghton Untitled by Hideki Takimoto
Running Scared by Morgan The Last Day by Deljuan Ramirez
Summer Ecstatic by TechLo rekkerd con by bl4xun
rekkerd2 con by bl4xun Janini’s Party Garden by Damek
Inverse engineering by Dischordia & Hazia Takeoff by softegg
I told you by Paul Hoda Rhetoric by 337
Wave’s Rain by Federico Valentini Nightflight by rauschen440
Sabotaging the Thinking Machine by Dark Embassy CMNE by Nheap
God Hates the Working Man by Ad-Ex Machina Bullet Train by Arms In Motion
Who Burnt The Toast by Mokeone E Z Street by Mokeone
Crashed by Audiopath Cont. by Ace Fadal
Squeezing by Cunigus Mono noise by Alchemists Of Sound
I Reckon by Oxygen Winter Drought by 3am
Good vs Evil, Rematch by ProductBE Gateway X02 by Azertopia
Rek by I.M.B. (Filippo Mursia) Troller by Teister
The Rozzers Are Coming by ProductBE Crank by Ghost

rekkerd free loops 09 – 20 beats

It has been a bit busy lately, but I’ve managed to put up another pack of beats.

They are more or less variations of the same thing, but with quite a different sound. Simple beats, with a touch of glitch.

Download the pack of 24-bit samples below (30.3MB)

rekkerd free loops 09 Downloads: 7517 times

Don’t forget to check the loops page for more samples and to subscribe to the mailing list so you can be notified when new samples are posted.

rekkerd no-kick pack vol. 1

This sample pack contains a bunch of 128bpm beats, suitable for electronic music.

No-kick basically means the kick (bass drum) sound is missing or hi-pass filtered in these loops. Removing the low frequency sounds should allow for easier mixing with your own beats.

It’s a small pack of 8 beats in 2 varations each, so 16 loops in total. The samples are in 16bit stereo .wav format.

rekkerd no-kick pack vol. 1 Downloads: 8693 times

Visit this page for more free samples.

One sequence (10 loops)

I’ve uploaded another free sample pack for your pleasure. One sequence contains 10 melodic loops, all from the same sequence.

FL Studio 7 pattern
The one sequence pattern in FL Studio 7

The pattern is the same for all loops, but obviously the instruments and effects used vary so each loop sounds quite different.

All samples are 24bit stereo (zip archive is 26.7 MB)

Hope you enjoy!

one sequence Downloads: 6682 times

More free loops here.