Centipeak releases ProTrig

Centipeak ProTrig

Centipeak has released ProTrig, a professional drum trigger plug-in for Windows.

ProTrig is an audio plugin which transforms realtime audio drums into midi notes which can be sent to any virtual instrument like Easy Drummer, Addictive Drums, Sample Tank and others.

Brand new technology has resulted in a lightning fast, ultra accurate audio triggering engine. ProTrig is the most sophisticated and advanced product for replacing/adding/enhancing drums.

No matter if you are playing on a perfectly rigged drumkit or just jamming on your kneecaps – ProTrig will do the trick.

ProTrig features

  • Advanced discrete difference-based algorithm for analyzing audio.
  • Hit resistance, interval and threshold are controllable settings which directly affect the algorithm’s operation.
  • Compatible with all MIDI-controllable virtual instruments.
  • Designed for real-time triggering. Latency as low as 2 ms with extensive dynamics and extraordinary sensitivity.
  • 6 ghost notes with seperate and customizable settings. Can be synchronized with the host-application’s tempo.
  • Powerful 8-band filter. Visually and numerically controllable.
  • Internal signal routing system. Filters are appliable to the output audio or only internally for the triggering engine. Eliminating cluttering sends and manual routing of the audio and the need for other filtering plug-ins.
  • Tunable output dynamics through the linear velocity compressor.

ProTrig is available as a VST effect plug-in for Windows PC for $69 USD (excl. VAT).

More information: Centipeak

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  • Martin Jansson

    Thx for letting me know. I have followed the work of this Drum-Trigger, ProTrig. I’ve seen they’ve hade excellent test results and very very positive response. I’ll go ahead and download it right away and test it ;o)

  • jimi

    really difficult to undrstand HOW can work with 2-3 or more different keys respose…
    >audio track with PROTRIG and one microphone connected
    >midi track , with protrig input and VST DRUM SET (like superior 2.0 or another)

    now…from PROTRIG is set on C1… like a BASS drum…and with the right gaine ecc..work. If you play your finger in the table near the microphone..you can hear th BASS DRUM VST !

    but what must do, for now set B1 key , that is SNARE sound ? if I change protrig on B2…now my finger play the snare, and I loose the BASS DRUM.

    I play with the filter but no solution…
    Manual is really poor and without example…non video demo (really and good) help in this!

    SO , how you must set PROTRIG (example) for play 3 different sound (note…like c1, b1, d1) and associate to 3 different “noise” when you play with finger on table or anothers things?

    CEntipeak have say YOU CAN DO IT , and also with only 1 microphone… BUT HOW ?!?

  • I only had a quick go with this program and it responded really well to my tapping on stuff.

    Jimi, I think you may have to load different tracks with ProTrig on it, and set each ProTrip to a separate drum sound and then try to get a proper response from each tap by playing with the filter settings of each instance.

  • jimi

    So..You think for every sound must be assigned one audio track ,put inside VST proTrig , and setit with a different note…


    midi track VST DRUM (superior 2.9)
    audio1 >Protrak> c1
    audio2 >Protrak> d1
    audio3 >ProTrig> e1

    like example c1(bass drum) d1(snare) e1(cymbal)

    ofcourse midi track only one…

    ??? right?

    I’v try but…also if you play with filters…for any finger play…audio 1 , 2 and 3…play togheter…
    so is really impossible or difficult (a lot) to make P.TRIG understand “different” noise…for play different instruments…

    IF you found any way how work this VST, is really nice…
    i not found… any help around the net , explane this!



  • That’s right. I think if you set it up that way it should work. You will need to hit objects in a way that they can be triggered by different frequency ranges though. Try hitting something like a deep bucket and glass or metal perhaps to get the different ProTrig’s to trigger the sounds.



  • jimi

    THANKS! yes..I think this is the way…
    but really confusion to make something…
    I think for make something nice…you need ofcourse a super computer , with a GOOD AUDIO CARD…with multi inputs ocourse…
    a good set of directional microphones…
    and before searching many things with differents note/noise…i think the best is play on really drums…

    With those equipment “MEABY” have sense to set filter on protrig and see if work well…

    with only one microphone…stupid things and fingers…are really impossibile!!! and I’m not the last for doit…

    SO..around the net..nothing explane this steps and make see demo with sense…



    because meaby this guy he really play the drum…BUT SURE not in this video , with PROTRIG and cigarette-packets.. nice but only a nice joke.
    only big nice set of MIDI drums , connected with computer and VST , can make that’s results’..and when a guy he really play…you see!





  • Washington

    Could help me to use the Pro Trig with Pro Tools . . .I’m trying to use the Pro Trig in Pro Tools along with Kontakt, I have a bookstore of Timbres legal drums.Using the Sonar also would work, because I use Sonar for MIDI recording.thanks

  • Michael Watts

    Thx, Ronnie! It works really great now. Maybe my new soundcard has something to do with it :o) (I also purchased the legal version with my own serial and a clean version of ProTrig as I’ve heard the pirate version was not any good, had bad accuracy etc)

  • jimi

    I’v the original release with my personal password.
    I’ v try also the trial…IS IDENTICAL !
    ..but CENTIPEAK have made a really poor manual, not examples , no help for usage.
    I just try hours but associate 2-3 different souds with 3 differents “noise” is a big, big, big MIRACLE… you MUST filter every 3 noise…but also with this , with ONE microphone is like impossible to have a good result…
    one noise…and play all the 3 sound togheters still 80% of the times…

    a good result you can have ONLY witn MULTI directionals microphones and a multi input card… ofcurse, play on a really drums.

    BUT if you gave all this equipment…I think you not really need ProTRIG , are nmany anothers professional way.

    Sorry but THE BEST of this program “Play a drum with fingers and one microphone” is only a dream… ofcourse NOBODY to now have made a really clear example how to do this…only few bla bla and JOKES on youtube.

  • Jimi, you should contact Centipeak if you need support. I’m sure they can give you some good pointers on how to set everything up for optimal performance with just one mic.

    I will have another go at setting it up with one mic myself tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it works out.

  • Washington

    Ronnie – Jimi, please help me set up for use on Pro Tools or Sonar, using Kontakt as a VST.

  • jimi

    Good Ronnie..
    emails , ofcouse just send to Centipeak..no answers for now…I wait.
    Your test (tomorrow or hav you time..) is the GOOD NEWS , what i’m waiting !!!
    because one how WE must select and set , the filters and options inside this VST , for “one microphone set drum” and so make different midi note with different “noises” fo me it’s a big miracle. possible anc concrete or..not really?


    PS…Washington , sorry..but I’ m use only cubase , with PC and vst effects.. I’V not idea how work pro tools (i have no right audio hardware for this) or SOnar too ..so I can’t help you…BUT I’v see how work in cubase..
    little hard to set. because..you MUST set 1 adio track and 1 midi track for every SETUP…


    audio1 mono > protrig vst 1 (set to c1)
    midi1 (ch10)> input protrig 1 output> DRUMSET (superior2.0)

    audio2 mono> protrig vst 2 (set to d1)
    midi2 (ch10)> input protrig 2 output> DRUMSET (superior2.0)

    audio3 mono> protrig vst 3 (set to e1)
    midi3 (ch10) > input protrig 3 output> DRUMSET (superior2.0)

    ecc… ofcourse all protrig (1-2-3) vst MUST be edited separatly (filter ecc… and this is really hard!!!)

    I’v not found another system to work with more of one sound and only one microphone, BUT i belive this are the sistem also for MULTI microphone , je. sound , one audio track & one midi track!

    FOr who not use Cubase, are many anothers little audio/midi programs , work well too, with VST & midi…like COCKOS REAPER http://www.reaper.fm/

    or ofcourse big one like ABLETON or NUENDO.

  • Washington

    Thanks for the explanation Jimi, I’ll try to do here what you told me…

  • I gave it another go but I wasn’t very successful triggering different notes with one mic. Bummer!

  • jimi

    Centipeak are working for demos help demostratione files, for show HOW makeit…
    I hope also to have more luke on this!

  • Michael Watts

    I read developers blog, the next version are coming very soon and will contain a feature that will make it possible to get different sounds depending of the velocity of the hit. That’s awesome.

  • Michael Watts

    There was also some new feature that I liked but I just can’t remember what is was :o( …can’t find where I read it either.

  • jimi

    But if show NOTHING to explane HOW must be set (filter inside) for play a set drum with ONE microphone… is the same problem..unusable!

  • Jone Randall

    I bought it today and set it up with my 4 mics. I was STUNNED by the accuracy! It is the best trigger without a doubt! Thanks guys!

  • jimi

    4 microphones and 4 input or ONE INPUT ?

    with one input or one microphone is absolute impossible and true is NOBODY show one tutorial explane (in all this LONG time..)

  • dac

    ive got reaper running.
    within reaper ive got protrig running and working.
    but when i put addictive drums to convert the microphone sound it wont convert to a drum piece?
    any thoughts?
    have i missed a step or doing something wrong?

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