CFA-Sound release CableBass


CFA-Sound has announced the release of CableBass, a free soundset for u-he ACE, the virtual modular synthesizer for PC and Mac.

ACE is most qualified for basses through his outstanding analog sound. Therefore this small soundset contains 32 bass-sounds for minimal, electro & tech-house.

Evolving subs, percussive basses or raw and wild drifting electro basses – all this you can find in CableBass. And same like “CableDrum” – it`s for free!

CableBass is available as a free download (ACE 1.0 required).

More information: CFA-Sound

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  • Vazno

    Can someone help me out with a link? I see nothing but payware links. Did they already take it down? Or should I even bother? Judging by their website layout, it’s probably going to suck.

  • Click Soundsets and scroll down the framed page a bit, it should be the ACE page:

    There are two free soundsets for ACE, CableBass and CableDrum. Audio demos available as well, pretty good stuff if you ask me.

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