Convolver updated to v3.4

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Convolver DSP audio plug-in

Convolver, a real time DSP audio plug-in for Windows Media Player, has been updated to v3.4.

Changes since v3.0

  • ConvolverWrapper pin negotiation and buffer length fixes
  • Dropdown list fixes
  • Added dithering and noise shaping capability
  • Moved to mingw-compiled libsndfile 1.0.14
  • wisdom.fftw deposited only in startup directory
  • Corrected scaling of 32-bit PCM samples
  • Some ergonomics tweaks to application of ConvolverFilter settings
  • Fixed initialization when no filter set
  • Added ability to delay input channels (eg, for cross-talk cancellation applications). This necessitates a change for existing config files.
  • ConvolverFilter issues corrected
  • Fix for perftest when running 0 partitions
  • Greater safety when settings changed

Visit for more information and a link to download Convolver.

Reveal Sound Spire
  • Version 3.5: 13 March 2006
    – More robust approach to setting changes while convolver is running
    – Sync ConvolverWrapper variable buffer size changes
    – Internal changes (eg, use boost numeric casting functions, FastArray tweaks)

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