Crysonic announces Christmas Specials

Crysonic Christmas Specials

Crysonic has announced its Christmas Specials, offering discount on its plug-ins and bundles until the end of 18 December, 2009.

All available Crysonic plug-ins are reduced by 50% and bundles are reduced by 60%. Demo versions of all their plug-ins can be downloaded from the crysonic web site. All current crysonic customers are also entitled to substantial discounts until the 18th of December.

Recently released products such as Spectralive NXT V3 can now be purchased at half price including a substantial discount on the CryEverything bundle which is more then 60% off the MSRP price.

More information: Crysonic

99% off Orchestral Companion Strings

    Before anyone considers doing business with Crysonic, you should be aware that:

    1) The following 3 plugins are made with SynthEdit using STANDARD SYNTHEDIT BUILDING BLOCK ALGORITHMS (no original work at all!!!):
    "newB – Aural Acoustics Based BASS Enhancer V2"
    "Spectra C1- Pro Audio Vintage Compressor"
    "SpectraPhy Pro- PHYSICS Based Look-ahead Mastering Limiter / Maximizer"

    2) He repeatedly denies ever having used SynthEdit, even though the plugin .dll files contain strings such as "SynthEdit".

    3) He made up testimonials from studios that did not exist. When it was found out, he deleted the claims.

    4) He claimed that the plugins were written in pure assembler, and when the SynthEdit thing was found out, he quietly removed these claims without ever admitting to using SynthEdit.

    5) He lies that his algorithms are patent "pending", "they are pending, in Australia, which means you won't find them on any patent searches", which he has claimed since 2005. He has no patents, how the hell could you patent something that's a builtin building block algorithm in SynthEdit!?

    6) ALL his products feature EXTREMELY lofty, SNAKE OIL descriptions, that speak about the plugins running on pure God Juice, Jesus Juice, Magic, Fairies, Physical Physics Super Hadron Collider Physics PHYSIIIIIIIIICS *explodes in orgasm of marketing terms*. That's his writing style. Just check the site, you'll puke at how exaggerated the plugin descriptions are with RIDICULOUS CLAIMS about what's behind it ("gnomes, gremlins, God, Jesus, magic") WITHOUT TELLING YOU *ANYTHING* about how it really works, and as you know, it's all made in SynthEdit, so he had to crank up the hype meter to try to convince people that this is something special.

    This should demonstrate that he's a pathological liar and I wouldn't buy ANY of his crap products. And yes, nowadays he has 3 products that he HAS coded himself, in C++, which are cross-platform. That's a nice improvement over using the SynthEdit toy. HOWEVER, just because he made the newer plugins the correct way doesn't mean that they are good or special. He has most likely just swapped algorithms from synth coding DSP sites, which is easy to do.

    In other words: AVOID.

    Here's the thread where he was exposed:


    Better topic URL (the previously posted one started at page 2, missing some of the interesting initial discussion):

    Some other things:
    * The initial GUI for their first plugin was directly copied from one of Logic's builtin plugins.
    * The thread starter was highly suspect and seems to have been a sockpuppet/shill to promote the company.
    * They initially tried to charge $105 dollars for this, but when the SynthEdit debacle became public and people started asking why they should pay that much for a SynthEdit plugin, they tried to claim that the site had misprinted the price ("due to the site design being outsourced") and that the real price was $25, even though he had earlier CONFIRMED the $105 price in the THREAD.

    I wouldn't hand over my money to them. Go with professional plugins from respectable brands, instead of this dodgy stuff. They've existed for 4 years yet you can barely even find reviews of their plugins online (I found ONE review in total, from a very cool guy called Torley, go check him out). He liked the sound of their cross-platform compressor, which is one of the few plugins they've coded in C++, but looking at how it works; it doesn't seem to be anything more than a compressor where they've renamed the "Ratio" parameter to "Smoothness" instead (their Smooth knob controls how hard the compressor limits the signal when it goes above the threshold, which seems a LOT like the good old Ratio knob to me, with a bit of Snake Oil renaming…)


    Hehe, wish there was an edit function here to keep it all in one post. I'm sorry, this will be my third and final post. This was just too good to pass up:

    The thread starter is easily provable to be the guy who was selling the product, just look at these facts: The user registered at the forum the same day that the post was made, the first thing the user did was start a thread about a product that hadn't even been publicly *announced* yet (you even see references to this in the thread), and the user writes the same nonsense "I could not believe my ears. They use a patented algoritm, but check out yourself." and gave Crysonic a glowing review. Then during the thread, several other newly registered users chimed in, such as jayman101, who boldly exclaimed that it was "better than BBE Sonic Maximizer", it was mysteriously jayman's first post as well, and then he kept making promotional posts in other threads:

    I hope these comments get approved, so that this will help others spend their money more wisely. Go for the legitimate brands, unless an author known for snake oil and pathological lies appeals to you. ;-D

  • psilas

    Thx for your advice dude.

    They’ve just released a ‘deal of the century’ offer, all their plugins for $60 which I was seriously considering until hearing otherwise, too many bad reports with yours being the best/worst.

    There are some really decent independent developers out there though like GSI and Breebart so we can’t tar everyone with the same brush.

    However, Crysonic look to be overstepping the ‘lets take the piss’ boundary.


  • Whitney

    Great Post! I too was considering the $60 ‘deal’ thinking it was so cheap that what did I have to lose? I guess the answer to that question is $60 and a bunch of time messing with crap plugins.

    There have been a number of special deals lately from the likes of Nomad Factory (Blue Tubes Effects), IK Multimedia (T-RackS 3 plugins), Esoundz (midi/sampling products), and even Antares – all through These have provided a way to get introduced to some quality (hopefully) plugins. However, not all is what is seems. Thanks again from the very helpful post.

  • Chris White

    Wow, I am seriously thankful that googling “Crysonic Reviews” showed this warning as one of the top results. After reading your information I searched around some more and found that “Crysonic” is ONE guy claiming to be an entire company of people, by sending emails with different signatures pretending to be different staff members despite always using exactly the same bad grammar and sentence structures and expressions.

    I also found screenshots where people had put his plugins through FFT analyzers and saw that stuff like the “bass enhancer” was really just an EQ that increased the volume of the bass band, and it literally did *nothing* else to the audio, it was JUST an EQ but his snake oil marketing bullshit called it a magical “physics based, patent-pending algorithm” (he sure loves the word “patent-pending” considering it’s just a SynthEdit EQ with his own custom-named knobs to hide the fact that it’s just an EQ).

    The Crysonic man is a shady liar. I also found out that he runs these “50% off” or “$60 for *everything*” promo deals ALL YEAR ROUND, ALL THE TIME. He does this to lure unsuspecting people like us to think we are getting an amazing deal and impulse buy, while in reality these promos are *always* active.

    I also read about those actual C++ plugins you mentioned, as opposed to his SynthEdit crap. It turns out he was panicking a few years back: What happened was that SynthEdit had problems with some audio hosts, and since his plugins were written in SynthEdit he couldn’t fix them since the problem was in SynthEdit itself. So, he boldly overestimated his own abilities to learn C++, DSP and mathematics from scratch, and promised everyone that he would “have his programmers” (aka himself, the SynthEdit-using non-programmer) create native cross-platform versions “within a few months”. Those months turned into a year, which then turned into several years. All the while that this was going on, users kept asking him to explain why he keeps breaking his deadlines and his empty promises, and he kept making up more and more outrageous lies about dead programmers and dead family members and so on “causing all the delays”. Then, finally, after years had passed he had learnt enough C++ and nicked enough publicly available compressor DSP algorithms to release the new C++ native versions. Even his most loyal users left him over these years of deceit, delays, broken deadlines and outrageous lies.

    His products are absolute and utter FAKES and not worthy of installation on *ANY* computer. You’re much better off even with the built-in plugins that come with music production programs, since at least with them they actually work and really DO what they CLAIM to do instead of having fake internals (such as his “bass enhancer” which turned out to just be an equalizer).

    I am so mad right now that other people have fallen for this and parted with money in return for snake oil, and I only hope everyone continues to Google “crysonic review” and finds this exposé on exactly the type of fraud to avoid. Great work collecting all the information and putting it all in one place!

  • generator

    yep avoid avoid avoid, their plugs suck arse anyway.. there are many free alternatives that offer far more quality.

    They or he (interesting that it is one person) have duped so many people into handing over their hard earned money when its now clear he must have known what he was doing.

    another big AVOID

  • psilas

    Agree with everyone here and as generator said, for free there are far better.

    Just this week I’ve grabbed some SERIOUSLY great free plugs.

    1 – Elysia Niveau Filter
    2 – Brainworx Cleansweep

    VERY nice plugs made by real pro’s.

  • Chris White

    Absolutely agreed with what you two just said, that is another very good point:

    There are REALLY high quality FREE plugins all over the net! Many of which are very useful free lite versions created by the most respectable brands on the market.

    A great place to start is to go to, then click “Plug-in Database” in the navigation bar at the top. There, you get to configure what type of plugin you want and what format (AU, VST, RTAS, etc) as well as narrowing it down by category if so choose (such as “Effect: Ring Modulator”, or whatever).

    Then keep scrolling down and there is a section that says “4. Include:” and below it are checkboxes for “Free”, “Commercial”, and “Unreleased”. Uncheck everything except “Free” and then scroll all the way down and hit “Search”.

    It will then generate a list of *all* free plugins matching your criteria along with links to read more about them. The most popular plugins even contain plenty of user reviews so you can read before you download (please feel free to become a free member on the site and leave your own reviews, it helps the database grow and helps other users).

    It really is an amazing site and it has just about every plugin in existence listed on there, even the really small ones by obscure hobbyists. It’s a superb index and it’s so easy to find what you want and download the thing faster than a Google search, and with far more relevant results.

    Enjoy! :-)

  • cr33p

    Despite all of this, the Spectrelive is actually quite good and does what it claims

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  • bigsmall

    I think with any plug ins it might be worth demoing first, if they let you do this at Crysonic and your interested (maybe not after the above) then give them a go.. I have read good and bad about them but the same can be said for much commercial software I must admit the good is now resting on the later versions of these…As Chris did research and the internet is your best friend after your ears.

    There’s not a lot of complaint with free plugs as its widely accepted and rightly so that they were given as a gesture and someone has put time and effort in to do so… yes there are good ones.

  • deos

    I find the story of the fake reference studio just too funny. Have you had a look at the “mixer’s” name? H L Alger looks a good lot like C L Alge to me, and Chris Lord Alge is certainly not running a German studio.
    Next one: Mixaman studios. Ehm… “The Daily Adventures of Mixerman” is a great book about what can go wrong in studio sessions, and a great part of literature which each and every music studio engineer should read at least once; and no studio in Germany.
    And by the way, the company form is spelled “GmbH”, and as such, it would be required to be listed in certain company lists (which it of course not is and never was).

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