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DarkWare releases FX Jockey

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DarkWare FX Jockey

DarkWare has released FX Jockey, a semi-modular vector controlled stereo multi-FX VST effect plug-in.

It has 9 FX built in: Pan, Filtering, Bitcrush, Phaser, Grains, Flanger, Pitchshift, Delay, and Reverb.

All FX have their own vector controls for realtime tweaking, and their own LFOs for sweep effects. Individual vectors can be synced with master vector for “one joystick to rule them all”, and with master LFO for “one LFO to enhance them all”.

Uses include realtime manipulation of source material in a dynamic manner, using selected vector joystick interfaces, or for sound design, using LFOs and multiple bypass sliders to automate audio enhancements. A wide range of sounds are achievable, from subtle nuances to full on chaotic destruction, automated or tweaked by your own hand.

Visit the DarkWare website for more information and a demo.

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