Darrell Barrell releases DtBlkFx v1.1 for Mac

Darrell Barrell DtBlkFx v1.0

Darrell Barrell has released a Mac version of DtBlkFx, the Fast-Fourier-Transform (FFT) based VST plug-in formerly only available for Windows.

New in v1.1

  • Higher resolution frequency shifting (64 times previous version).
  • Many more block lengths.
  • New mixing effects.
  • Spectrum resizing effect.
  • Up to 8 effects in series.

Note: there is currently no GUI with this Mac version.

The effects are built as universal binaries and should run on PowerPC & Intel Macs

DtBlkFx v1.1 (Mac) Downloads: 10736 times

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  • wakax

    you rool Darrell :) thanks big time ! best xmas gift ever !

  • Izzy Palmerin

    Sweet FFT! Thanks alot for your time to make this plug.

  • thanks so much, I am happy with this plug-in!

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