David E Ross updates DJEQ and Notch

David E Ross has updated two of his free VST effect plug-ins: DJEQ (now v3), a 3-band DJ style EQ and Notch (now v2), a Notch Filter.

David E Ross DJEQ
David E Ross Notch

Updated in DJEQ v3

  • Added the ability to update internal sample rate when host sample rate changes
  • Added automaitc disabling of DJEQ with sample rates below 44.1khZ
  • New better response filter algorithms for Low, mid and high filters
  • Precise -96dB to 6dB gain adjust
  • Frequency adjust added for each band
  • Reset button added to quickly reset all controls to default, level response values
  • Created a new larger and brighter GUI
  • Filter algorithms created for both float precision and double precision processing

Updated in Notch v2

  • Added a control for Gain -48dB to 0dB
  • Added a reset button
  • Added a new GUI

Visit David E Ross for more information and links to download the latest versions of DJEQ and Notch.

StereoSavage at Plugin Boutique
  • Astro1derboy

    The site’s not active anymore. Any other locations to download? Many thanks.

  • You can download David’s plug-ins here: http://rekkerd.org/david-ross-vst-plug-ins/

    They’re not all the latest version though. I will have a look in my archives later today to see if I have some updates (i.e. DJEQ v3)

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