de la Mancha updates Erratic to v1.2

de la Mancha Erratic

de la Mancha has updated Erratic to version 1.2.

Updated in v1.2

  • single-out version also available
  • samples 6,7 & 8 can be cut by any other sample or themselves
  • option of two trigger methods (GUI or midi) to switch erratic on/off or play partial patterns
  • save/load individual step sequencer patterns
  • audition samples from the GUI
  • 16 new drum samples (104 total)
  • 22 new presets (58 total)

Note: Erratic v1.2 no longer requires the included samples to be installed in C:\Program Files, just unpack the rar into your VST directory.

Visit de la Mancha for more information.

Xfer Serum Bundle
  • Make that v1.2.1
    – fixes the load/save pattern not working on samples 4-8

    The .dll has the same name and install as v1.2 but it’ll show v1.2.1 on the GUI

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