Denis Eismann updates SuperDrumFX to v1.1

Denis Eismann SuperDrumFX

Denis Eismann has released version 1.1 of SuperDrumFX (SDFX), a freeware software drum sampler VST plug-in for Windows PC.

Changes in SuperDrumFX v1.1

  • New waveplayer engine reduces CPU load (thanks to Chris Kerry)
  • Waveplayer now accepts 16-, 24- and 32 Bit WAV – Samples (mono/stereo)
  • Samples are no longer streamed, but loaded into RAM.
  • FXB patches for loading “SuperDrumFX Drum – Sample – Library” from several local drives available.
  • MIDI channel is now set to channel 1 by default.
  • Lowered rimshot sample volume by default in some built-in SDFX patches.
  • Increased volume on all Toms in “DW – Sonor Set” patch.
  • Corrected wrong default MIDI notes on “Floor Tom 1 Alt.” sample-slot in some built-in SDFX patches.
  • Better sample loading performance and fixed glitches which occurred when playing a newly loaded SDFX patch.

Visit SuperDrumFX for more information.

Free samples at Loopmasters
  • Super Drumtard

    “MIDI channel is now set to channel 1 by default.”

    What a fucking idiot, the universal absolute default for a MIDI drum channel is 10, yet this tard changes it to 1. Wahaaaaaay to go, boy!

    And I didn’t think he could out do himself for setting an absolute directory for the sample. I was wrong. And he still hasn’t fixed this bug either, just merely developed a method to store that absolute directory on different drives. What a fucking homer.

  • beatman

    Yo, tampon!!!! Why did your ignorant, ungrateful leeching ass come on this site to rip on someone that has generously donated this for free? You’re bitching like you actually spent money! This is freeware you tard!!!

    Being that this isn’t a multi-channel plugin, like SampleTank is… there is no relevance for setting it to channel 10 by default! If you’re using this in a host like Sonar or Cubase… each track is exclusive to the plugin thats been inserted.

    Not everyone uses the GM setup when making tracks. The developer likely changed it to channel 1, because the GM standard is only relevant for plugins that are multitimbral. If you were using a single plugin like the TTS1 general midi synth that’s in Cakewalk host,like Sonar or HomeStudio, then obviously each channel would
    need it’s own exclusive midi channel. If you’re using mono timbral plugins like most freeware is
    then what is the basis of your rant?

    The relevance of changing the plug to channel 1 by default is… most Daws are either set to this channel by default or they are set for omni.

    The great thing about using a Daw is that you
    don’t change midi channels with your keyboard controller but, you change the channel with the tracks midi settings instead which is less drama
    and quicker than doing it with a keyboard!

    The plug being set for channel 10 by default created problems for people that likely didn’t get any sound because their DAW is set to receive on channel 1 by default. (not everyone). Some folks likely didn’t realize they didn’t get any sound because the plug was set for 10 while the Daw wasn’t.

  • Denis Eismann has updated SuperDrumFX to v1.11.


    – In Reaper, the name of the SuperDrumFX is correctly indicated now.
    – The graphics error in the Cymbal 1 drum slot is fixed.

    Nice job Denis!

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