Devine Machine introduces Cycler

Devine Machine Cycler

Devine Machine has unveiled Cycler, a new audio application and plug-in designed to be the missing link between hardware loopers and modern audio applications for live music, and is collaboration oriented.

Performances in Cycler are different from any other live applications. Special features (scene recalls, ‘one-knob-fx’) have been set to ease the live manipulation of the 16 loopers and the huge number of effects, without loads of MIDI controllers.

Two users can use Cycler simultaneously on the same computer with 16 loopers each, or can also collaborate remotely and exchange project modifications across the net.

Cycler features a slice sequencer: record a sound, and Cycler will sequence it immediately. Depending on nature of the sound you will record, the project nature will change radically. Musical possibilities are endless.

Sequence editing is very simple, you have several edit modes, and you can record the sequence via MIDI. Editing can also be done live via specific functions.

Cycler can stream audio files: say you have some songs ready and want to perform some parts on the song on stage. Simply bounce your tracks, load them in Cycler, rout them to different outputs if needed, and set the BPM. Cycler is now synced to your song and you are ready to perform. You can also reload your song with MIDI controllers.

Cycler will be released for Windows and Mac OS X in stand-alone and syncable VST versions* with ReWire* and Receptor support*. VST plug-in hosting is planned.

Release date is expected to be some time during Spring 2010. Price to be announced.

More information: Cycler / Cycler @ YouTube

* still under beta testing

  • pretty exciting eh? it’s becoming my favourite announcement of this year’s tradeshow.

  • Cycler is coming along very nicely indeed, looks like tons of fun.

  • were you at namm this year?

  • No, unfortunately not. I rarely make it out to shows as I’m located in the Netherlands and I have to save my trips to the US for family visits.

    Also, my son turned 1 this week so it didn’t work out this year anyway.

    Did you go?

  • oh i didn’t know you were out in europe. cool! no i didn’t go, last one i went to was in 2005. don’t know if i’ll ever go again because i’m just as happy getting the news delivered to my living room here in toronto :)

  • Derik White

    Cycler looks amazing!!! Just what I’ve been looking for….