DJ GIGAwatt releases GrooveBoxI

DJ GIGAwatt GrooveBoxI

DJ GIGAwatt has released GrooveBoxI, a freeware synth VST plug-in created with SynthMaker.

GrooveBoxI features

  • HighPowerOSC: 6 Wavetables, Super Effect for unison Detune.
  • Swich Area: Gate Sequencer (32 MIDI-Step-Sequencer), Analyse (Normal Stereo Scope), Custom Wave (create your own waves with basic waveshapes), Midi Settings (9 extra knobs for tuning the VST).
  • Effects: Reverb, Filter with ADSR and LFO.
  • Midi Learn at knobs: Assign MIDI CC by right mouse clicking on controls.
  • Preset Manager including 30 presets.

Note: GrooveBoxI has a serial number protection, but you can create one for free by using a keymaker.

Visit DJ GIGAwatt for more information.

Free samples at Loopmasters
  • beatman

    I find this this offering to be suspect!
    What’s particularly suspicious is the keymaker.
    Which by the way,has the word “hack” in the
    address for it.

    It would seem to me,that a single serial# could be
    provided to unlock the plug-in, rather than the use
    of a keygen! I mean…what would it take for the
    author of this plug to remove the protection?

    Given the fact it was created with SynthMaker,
    it should be NO problem to do. I would use EXTREME CAUTION! I wont be downloading it!

  • The same thing struck me. Seems really odd to release a free plugin that has a serial protection, especially one that is not provided by developer.

  • The guy’s name is Hackl and his “company” is called Hackl AG (AG is German for Joint Stock Company…)

    The SerialGenerator is made by him and offered from the same website.

    I don’t fully understand why this mechanism is used though…

  • C.Hackl

    So!!! This is my Registion of every VSTi. It’s only that people have a look at my actual projetcts. If you want to know: This Serialprotection Takes the first letter if your names and of your Company an calculates a Serial. But i’m working on it that i can take out the VB-Keymaker and have there a HTM sheet.

    By the Way: This is a 100% free an LEGAL Version. I’m the developer. Those who don’t beleve me:

  • asdf

    The serial# in freeware is an old idea: it’s used to prep people for the coming payware release.

    I detest being driven like a rat thru a maze. I’m not download this one.

  • beatman

    What’s up with drumbox2? Will it be a drum sampler that allows you to load your own samples?

    That would be interesting because, I have only seen “SM” sample players that only play included
    files. I have yet to see a sampler made with Synth Maker that allows you to load your own wav files.

    As far as your GrooveboxI plug goes… it’s nothing personal, but,the whole key maker thing is totally left field from what you expect from freeware and is usually associated with pirated software.

  • C.Hackl

    But that’s easy to work out. but a liberty will be nessersary. i posted it here:
    In mine you can choose out of 149 drumSamples! in DBIII you will be alble to load your own liberty.
    It has the same Serial protection….

  • C.Hackl

    If you have onetime loadet the serial and the Plugin I can’t do anything. But i give you one promise: that’s going to be never payware. i’m not 18 yet and so i’ve no paypall and can’t make Payware easily.

  • beatman

    I checked out the Synth Maker forum and found
    that DSK…apparently was accused by C.HACKL
    of using without permission, one of his SM examples. maybe, this is the reason he uses the serial protection?

    Here’s the tread

  • C.Hackl

    No. the Serial is just for,that people have a look at my homepage. This with the HighPowerOSC System i’ve just found when i searched

  • beatman

    Observation: Don’t people have to visit your site to be able to download your plugins?

    We know the answer is yes…so, this doesn’t support your statement that it’s because you want people to visit your homepage.

    The fact that they must visit your site in order
    to get the link for the download…means,they are having a look at your homepage.

    Please explain how a serial# has anything to do with someone visiting your site because it makes NO sense.

    Please don’t take this as an attack upon you!
    I think it’s good that you want to share and offer your plugs for free. But given the times we live in with spyware ,Trojans and other malicious programs…we get suspicious of things
    like this. The key maker in particular! Have a good day!

  • C.Hackl

    My Plugin is not only at my homepage. It’s in some Forums and some other VST-horsts were you don’t come to my homepage.

    The Key Maker is a simple VisualBasic code… I would not put any spam into it!!!

  • beatman

    C.HACKL, was blowing smoke when he promised
    to not have payware!

    His previous comments:

    “But i give you one promise: that’s going to be never payware. i’m not 18 yet and so i’ve no paypall and can’t make Payware easily.”

    He has decided to make his Groove Box2, payware.
    I saw his post about this in the Synth Maker site.
    Didn’t take long to go back on his words! LMAO!

  • C.Hackl

    SO: GrooveBoxII is not out yet!!!

    GrooveboxI will NEVER be Payware!!!!

    I’ll be 18 in october and i need a team that testes the grooveboxII. It wold be nearly the same as grooveboxI but it will be CPU optimated. And that can take a long time. SM also is not alble to give me a stabile trigger in the moment. so if you export a song with my Gatesequencer you will get an buggy sound!!.

  • dj programs

    have a nice release

  • Techie

    I love your site and intend to visit often. Thanks

  • An Observation

    Just a piece of friendly advice, you’ll catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

    Remove the keygen nonsense, stick in a nice big link to your website and get your name out there.

  • C.Hackl

    Hello! If you are interrested in:
    Freeware GrooveBoxII is out.

    You need no Gen anymor.
    * Presetgen.
    * 119 Presets
    * 2 HPOSCs

    Many other new projects are waiting for you!!
    Whatch for updates because i’ll uload a new one where are much more Sequenced Presets.


  • beatman

    Thanks for your generosity! Hope to donate soon.

  • bob the builder

    I’m afraid all these comments have put me off wanting to visit your site, and download your vsti’s.

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