DJ GIGAwatt releases Matrix and DrumBoxXE

DJ GIGAwatt Matrix

DJ GIGAwatt (C. Hackl) has released two new freeware VST instrument plug-ins created with SynthMaker: Matrix and DrumBoxXE.

Matrix is a synth which creates a matrix for each OSC, ADSR, or LFO. The routing section allows you to link these matrixes in order to create sounds.
Modulation options are available for the OSC frequency and audio stream, the ADSR output value, etc.

DrumBoxXE is a simple 12 pad trigger drum sample player that comes with 149 drum samples and one ready Techno preset.

Both plug-ins are available for Windows PC only.

Visit DJ GIGAwatt for more information and links to download Matrix and DrumBoxXE.

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I downloaded the plugs and haven’t tried them yet. Hopefully, there is no copy protection to be bothered with. C.Hackl has a forum now. Hopefully
he will make it easy for English speaking visitors to register more easily. * *


Why did i thought that you are the first who writes a comment. :)
The Forum is outof an German site. I hadn’t have enoug thime now to setub one.
In the Plugs is no protection or sth like that. Have fun with them!!!


Now there is a new Forum!!! It’s complet english. You are allways welcome to discuss my Projects or if you have new ideas then you can post them too and maby i make a VSTi of that!!!


Oh no, not this hackl idiot again. Now he’s nymshifting to djgigawatt. He should try a more appropo nym like dumbassnanotwatt.


shut up!! My music does nothing to that plugs!!

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