DJ GIGAwatt releases Steinway, Church Organ and DrumBoxII

DJ GIGAwatt Steinway

DJ GIGAwatt has released three freeware VST instruments for Windows: Steinway, Church Organ and DrumBoxII.

Both the Church Organ and Steinway instruments feature 96Khz 24Bit samples of real instruments.

DrumBoxII is a 24 Trigger-Pad Drum with 149 integrated wave samples assignable to each pad.

Visit DJ GIGAwatt for more information and links to download these freeware VST instruments.

StereoSavage at Plugin Boutique
  • beatman

    Hello C.HACKL!

    I dug deeper into the SM forum and discovered you are well regarded there. I also saw on your site, the explanation you gave for the serial system. You certainly have the right to do as you see fit with the plugs you put so much work into.

    I think you may have made a mistake when you provided download links for your plugins in the SM forum, instead of posting the links on your site so people would have no choice but to visit your page for the links.

    Having your plugs listed in all the typical freeware sites will give you far more exposer
    than the SM site alone!

    I will check out your piano and organ plug since
    it has no serial system. I’ll let you know what I think. Thanks for the generosity!

  • The Church Organ was updated to Church Organ 2nd:

    This is the new Generation of of the Churchorgan. This time it has 5 Organ OSCs for eaven bigger an better sounds. Also a ADSR is built in. Othe Funtiona are Pitchband.

    Download here:

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