Do you still have a MySpace account?

Trash your MySpace account

Have you heard of the International Delete Your MySpace Account Day?

Blogger Simon Owens lists a number of reasons why you too might want to delete your MySpace account.

Simon writes:

I’ve been thinking about deleting my Myspace account almost since the day I got it but always opted out of doing so because of the few friends I have who don’t have Facebook accounts. But by remaining on Myspace, I realize, I’m becoming an enabler. I’m giving those friends no reason to switch over from Myspace by giving them access to my Myspace profile.

But rather than deleting my account right away, I’m going to hold off until January 30th so that other people have time to join me. I’d love to see a large number of people delete their accounts all at once in order to send Myspace a message: your website sucks.

I got myself a MySpace account a while ago, but then I never really put much effort into the design or actual content so obviously it didn’t take of at all. Like Simon I’ve had thoughts about deleting my account since day one.

So, I decided it was time to free up some space on the MySpace servers and delete my account. This way they can store more private photos which can then be spread on the interwebs (private photos? on the internet? duh!).

So what about you, do you still have a MySpace page, and why?

You still have a 2 days to join Simon in the International Delete Your MySpace Account Day!

  • I’m curious how many accounts will be closed today. Simon posted instructions on how to delete yours.

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