Download free album: Mr Greynoise – Black And White And Grey

Mr Greynoise - Black And White And Grey

Nick Bugayev wrote in to let us know about his new album Mr Greynoise – Black And White And Grey.

The album comprises of 17 tracks Nick has recorded over the past year under his moniker Mr Greynoise.

Nick writes:

I encourage you to share the music with your friends, post it on your blog, play it on your podcasts or radio shows. The music is licensed for all non-commercial use under a Creative Commons license.

Black And White And Grey features some lovely electronic music, cool beats and catchy melodies. I especially like Knight Thriller, a mix of the Knight Rider theme and Michael Jackson’s Thriller, and the chiptune type arcade sounds of Game Over.

You can download your free copy of Black And White And Grey at the Mr Greynoise website. Donations are very welcome.

Producers Choice
  • weqrty

    Nice logo, not so vaguely reminiscent of a swastika.

  • @weqrty: how about a rubrik’s cube, tetris…
    btw, your handle is not so vaguely reminiscent of a qwerty.

  • ss

    The “SS” nazi symbol is often used in reverse to bypass censors and create plausible denial. Reverse this image and it’s obvious that’s what’s happening here. The London 2012 olympic symbol was tagged as nazi influenced and this logo is much more overt than that. Plus, it’s rather underhanded and depraved to use a game, like Rubiks Cube, for clandestine concealment of fascist symbolism.

    You may dismiss it as coincidental, a fluke, or just bad design, but there are many xtians who have an insane hatred for jews (ala Mel Gibson) and they use every opportunity to embed the SS into their work, just as Mel Gibson did in this film. They can’t really come out and scream their true feelings at the top of their lungs, so this covert infusion of nazi symbolism and the outright lies of denial of doing so have become a standard modus operandi for them. SS, 55, ZZ, or some abstraction of these is their way of waving their flag.

    Your denial, and outright refusal, to even acknowledge that this does indeed have at least a vague resemblance to nazi symbolism suggests rather strongly that you support it.

  • Mike

    The swastika symbol actually comes from a Chinese Buddhist idiom for a type of vegatarian cooking. Buddhism believes in loving everyone and everything. So the nazi’s are also guilty of plagerism too. Chinese Buddhist should find a Jewish lawyer to sue them for that. That’ll teach them a lesson.
    Oh…yea I think this is a joke…i think. Except the first line that is.

  • @ss, I fully agree that the London 2012 Olympics logo probably isn’t worth the $800,000 USD it cost to design, but to claim it is nazi influenced (I assume because of the jagged 2’s) is just plain ridiculous in my book. Btw, I’m interested to see links to sources calling this logo “nazi influenced”.

    Your denial, and outright refusal, to even acknowledge that this does indeed have at least a vague resemblance to nazi symbolism suggests rather strongly that you support it.

    First, I merely suggested that the logo looks like a rubriks cube… If I look really hard I can see a reversed swastika with a leg missing and some extra stuff around it, but you’d really have to be looking for it wouldn’t you? Second, I don’t know what supporting nazi symbolism means, but I reject any suggestion that I would sympathize with the nazi ideology in any way.

    I respect your point of view but your comments look like libel to me, so I suggest you take your concern to Mr. Greynoise himself before posting these type of comments on a public website.

  • julie

    oh for g-d’s sakes…everyone ! Mr. Greynoise does not support nazism or anything of that sort. I can guarantee you that. Mr. Greynoise makes music for the love of making music and created the cube simply as a design to add to his music. It has no hatred or swatstika or nazism intended. Mr. Greynoise is a professional music maker and he is darn good at it too. He has no hatred in his heart and no time for racism. Mr. Greynoise is a good man. Please keep that in mind.

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