DSK Music releases DSK Acoustic Pianos Vol. 1

DSK Acoustic Pianos Vol. 1

DSK Music has released Acoustic Pianos Vol. 1, a freeware SoundFont features a number of acoustic pianos.

DSK Acoustic Pianos Vol. 1 includes 4 classic piano sounds:

  • Grand Fazioli
  • Steinway Bright
  • Florestan Grand
  • Clavinova Grand

Listen to a demo of the pianos in Acoustic Pianos Vol. 1 here.
The SoundFont is 52.7 MB uncompressed (34.5 MB zipped) and can be downloaded below.

Update 8 Oct, 2008: This SoundFont bank includes some SoundFonts already available on the internet. Please check the original websites for links to download the individual SoundFonts.

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