DSK Music releases DSK BlueZ (beta)


DSK Music has released a beta version of DSK BlueZ, a freeware synth VST instrument for Windows PC.

DSK BlueZ features

  • 2 Oscillators with 134 waveforms and wavedraw option.
  • Sub oscillators.
  • Advanced filters.
  • LFO routing to filters.
  • 2 effects: delay & chorus/flanger.
  • Midi automation.
  • Preset Manager.

Download DSK BlueZ below (2 MB)

DSK BlueZ (beta) Downloads: 24684 times

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  • ^Bz

    It looks like it was made with the analok kit from synthmaker ^^

  • Alper

    Love DSK ALL PLUGIN great sound great easy understanding interface and first class graphic!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Spirited Machine

    I have to agree with BZ.. That’s pretty lame

  • some problem about it? Analog kit is there for use it! ;) some componets are for this kit, other are personal, like the oscillators

  • Pegz

    So whats the problem? Almost all instruments, virtual and real, have been developed from something else. The fact is it’s a unique sounding little synth, lots of fun, and all for free!.
    (If you dont like it you can always ask for your money back :-) )

  • CTRL Z

    Love your work, thanks!

  • thanks!! ;)

  • roberts_1

    Yes I like it a lot, and this nice white GUI.
    Hope to to see some nice presets from you.

    Thank you.

  • Geo.A.Reinecke

    you guys are the best!you provide musicians with an amazing pallet of
    pro quality sounds-thanks

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