DSK Music releases mini DrumZ 2

DSK mini DrumZ 2

DSK Music has released mini DrumZ 2, a freeware vintage drum machines rompler for Windows PC.

Changes in miniDrumZ 2

  • All sounds fixed and levels corrected.
  • All sounds mapped in GM Midi standard.
  • New extra layer to load external kits (sf2).
  • Midi channel selector for each layer.
  • Add amp. envelope and limiter.
  • Filters improved.
  • Midi automation fixed.
  • 20 classic drum machines kits.

Download DSK mini DrumZ 2 below (12 MB)

DSK mini DrumZ 2 Downloads: 57121 times

Check the DSK VSTi page for more freeware VST instruments.

StereoSavage at Plugin Boutique
  • Thanks, the 1st version was one of my favourite freeware.
    For me the best emulation of Tr series in 1 plug.

    Your work helps me everyday. I’ve no bugs with my host & all your vst’s sounds great.
    Be sure that in every beat I make, there’s 1 or more Dsk Plugs.

    Thanks again,


  • Francisco C

    Good job, as always from the man behind DSK Music! miniDrumz and Darkness Theory are my favorite plug-ins. :D However, I would like something clarified to me:

    Changes in miniDrumZ 2
    * Midi automation fixed.

    Could someone please explain to me how does the MIDI automation goes down? I know this existed since the first DSK miniDrumz, but there’s no documentation. :)

    Thank you for these great free plug-ins.

  • 5om4

    some of the pictures are not with the
    correct drum kits.

  • Francisco C

    Do you mean to tell me, after a week, that nobody uses DSK miniDrumz 2 with MIDI controllers? It’s not essential, I understand, but this plug doesn’t come with documentation. :)

  • What host are you working with? In FL Studio I just records all the slider/knob movements and the automated parameters show up so I can link them to my controller. Here’s all the parameters I can see in Ableton Live, screenshot

  • Francisco C

    I guess that means DSK miniDrumz doesn’t have MIDI CC automation built in like some other synths. I know the plug’s VST parameters could be automated, but what I wanted to know is if it supported MIDI CC or NRPN automation, in order to store information into a MIDI file, which is more portable. The MIDI file would then be usable in any VST host software using the same soft synth, whether or not the program features global MIDI learn.

    For example, there’s one synth you host here, Osiris’ Cymbiant 2.0, which has a few parameters which could be controlled with MIDI CC’s. In one project I successfully recorded MIDI CC events to change the pulse width of one of the oscillators.

    Ronnie, I have neither of the programs you have indicated. :) I use REAPER and RENOISE.

  • nardo

    can i use this in pro tools

  • YSMus

    Thanks! I’ll to experience.

  • Jax

    I can’t wait to test it with my Acoustica Mixcraft!

  • Julien

    ça bug avec fl et live, quand j’en utilise deux en meme temps…. c’est normal? en tout cas ça m’…….

    Sinon, les batteries sont plaisantes! Merci

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