DSK releases Brass VSTi

DSK Brass VSTi

DSK has released Brass, a freeware synth for creating brass sounds.


  • 2 layers, 23 waveforms
  • Octave select and micro-detuner
  • Effects (Delay, flanger)
  • Assignable Automation Capability

Visit DSK VSTi for more information and a link to download DSK Brass.

Note: the download can be a bit slow on the DSK website. You can also use Sample Torrents or download from rekkerd.org at this location.

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  • E.M.

    I have rendering problems dsk brass in FL Studio 7.
    The first note is not rendered, and the other are out of time and tempo.

  • E.M. Do you happen to have Reset plugins on transport checked in the Audio Settings?

    If so, try again with that option unchecked.

  • Vlad

    I also have rendering problems in dsk strings in fl studio 7, I unchecked reset plugins on transport and the instruments still won’t even play…

  • I’m experiencing the same probs as above with both DSK Brass & DSK Strings.

    DSK Brass seemed to install fine to a dedicated VST folder in Program Files, I was able to add the channel no prob. Then I composed a track with DSK Brass, went to render, and the resulting mp3 is complete but with the DSK Brass synth missing from the mix. Then FL Studio 7 hung, so I rebooted the PC. When I loaded the project back up I could no longer hear even the synth playback prior to render. So I downloaded & installed DSK Strings, same thing happened exactly. I got to at least hear these packages, and man I’m impressed & excited to get working with them. Please leave a comment or email if you have suggestion.

  • Rich Amtmann

    SAME PROBLEM!!! anyone have any answers?? cause that would be nice!!!

  • The problem occurs with DSK strings plugin also. See my post here: http://rekkerd.org/dsk-vsti

    “The workaround I’m using is to render out any section which uses the DSK plugin as a wav file, then reimport it in a sampler channel and continue building layers like that. Somewhat clumsy and painful, but works nonetheless, and the sound is worth the effort. I got a mate who is a long timer with FL Studio to try it out and he had exactly same prob, so its not me just being a noob.”

  • Sharchi, thank you for providing a workaround for this rendering problem. I’ve got 2 or 3 songs using multiple DSK instruments and I was MORTIFIED that I douldn’t get those incredible sounds to render. You’re a lifesaver, or at least a beat-saviour!

  • Houston Johnson



    Hmmmm? Im having that same issue with rendering. Why don’t they just make a patch that fixes that problem? Rookies (including me) will not understand how to do this

    “The workaround I’m using is to render out any section which uses the DSK plugin as a wav file, then re import it in a sampler channel”

    Because the sound will not render “WHAT SO EVER” so how does this fix the issue? What do you mean by “render out?” this is confusing, I’m really thinking about just in installing the whole program because this is becoming a headache! LOL hopefully someone can help.


    lol, un-install not in-installing


    YOU CAN ONLY USE THE BRASS / STRINGS PLUGIN ON ONE CHANNEL or it wont export at all. So you need to get rid of all the other channels with Brass Plugin.

    Let’s say you have used the Brass Plugin on 3 separate channels. And now you cant hear anything you export. So delete all those channels except for ONE (or paste them on a dummy channel – eg Piano or whatever). In your mixer, mute everything except the single remaining Brass Channel, and export it to a wav. Then reimport that wav file – it no longer uses the Brass plugin, it is a simple wav file. Now, repeat the procedure for all the different Brass / String instances you needed. That’s the workaround. I repeat, you can only use the Brass OR strings plugin in ONE channel (FL Studio).

    If you can’t understand this you simply need to know your DAW better and come back to this later. Good luck!


    thanks Sharch1 … i tried that method and for some reason I’m still getting the same results… if at all possible can you email me so that i can send you the file so that you can render it for me. i think it may be my pc causing this chaos my email address is tirehfans@aol.com


    OK I received your FLP but I dont have your plugins so I cant fix the file. But the problem was easily apparent – as I said several times you can only use ONE dsk plugin in your project, yet you have TWO. This was causing the problem. After deleting one I was able to export wav files out for each of the individual parts, as per the workaround mentioned. I exported them dry so you will need to add your own EQ, Delay, Reverb etc to make it sound like you had it. Good luck with your music!

  • dj-junkyard

    I had the same problem ,so what i ended up doing was sacraficing cpu speed by making copies of the dsk srtrings ,dll (named them dsk strings 1.dll,ds strings 2.dll ect. ) and for each channel i what to use the string i opened a new copy of string as to not have two channels running on the same .dll.
    it works great but as i said you will sacrifice cpu speed.

  • Glenn

    Presumably the creator of the DSK plugins is aware of the problem, but there’s no fix yet? What gives?

  • Glenn

    Oh, I should add: I am only using DSK brass on one channel, and I am only using this ONE DSK plugin, but it still fails to play the first note – not render, PLAY. And since it won’t even play the first note, it won’t render it.

  • ive been having the same problem with my latest track

    thanks sharchi for the advise, i will give that a try :)

    @ glenn…. i have this problem too.

    what i do to get the first note to play is create a dummy note… before the first note i input a note in the piano roll and set the velocity to 0

    you wont hear the dummy note, but the “first note” that wouldnt play in the first place is no longer the first note and should play fine ;)

  • mister Mann

    This sounds like it may work. i’m goin 2 try it..

    But i wish dsk could fix it, cause the brass sound is the best i’ve heard so far….

    much love!

  • Chris Carden

    I just spent 3 weeks fighting a “mysterious” problem in FL Studio and finally narrowed it down to DSK Brass. FL Studio sometimes would hang, sometimes would crash with error messages, and sometimes would blue-screen my Dell laptop. Sometimes the brass would play, sometimes it would not. Sometimes it would render, sometimes not.

    At first I suspected the Dell sound-card, because it is not ASIO. I installed ASIO-4All, but that introduced new problems. I updated the sound-card driver, and that fixed some latency issues, but I was still getting the software hang. Also, I used the external ASIO card in my M-Audio Fasttrack Pro box, and I still had trouble.

    One night, everything worked, magically, so I stayed up all night finishing the piece. When it came time to render, the system crashed. I also suspected that the FL file may have been corrupted with some rogue data, and was almost ready to export everything out as MIDI and start over, when I finally started replacing all of the third-party VSTi channels with FL default sounds. But even after replacing the DSK Brass, I was still having problems, so I still was not fully aware of the cause. Finally, I deleted the channel that had the brass part, as well as the Pattern in the Playlist that referenced the channel. Then I created a new Channel with the Organized Trio plug-in, and wrote out the same horn licks for B3. Everything worked. That is when I realized something was messed up with DSK Brass and/or the way that FL Studio wraps its VSTis.

    Now, as a further test, I wrote a new song from scratch using another DSK plugin, this time the Asian Dreamz. I haven’t used the strings, yet, because I was getting pretty good results from Sytrus. But now that I see some of you complaining about DSK Strings, I may test it out. Or maybe not. Why use a plugin that is faulty?

    I am sad that the DSK Brass is flawed. The sound is excellent. While it is not perfect, it is better than anything else out there, even the stuff from SoundFonts.it. The trumpet and tenor sax, with a little tweaking in the ADSR parameters sound very convincing, except for in fast runs.

    As you can see, I’ve invested a lot of time in this, recently, and it was very, very frustrating. I was thinking about calling DSK and telling him what great sounds he has created, and ask if I can help him troubleshoot the problem. But now that I see how many others are having the same problem and he hasn’t fixed it, I don’t think it would be worth my time. I still think he’s created some great stuff, and I’ll certainly pay for the plug-ins that work, but I can’t waste any more time fighting DSK Brass. It just isn’t worth my time. Better to get a trumpet player into my studio to lay down real licks, and I’ll throw my own tenor on another track.

    Thanks all for sharing your problems, here. It was nice to finally find other people having the same trouble. You saved me the trouble of trying to make this plug-in work. I realize now that it’s not just a Vista issue, or a Dell hardware issue. But it does sound like an FL Studio problem combined with something wrong in the plug-in.

  • Brian

    Hey, your plug ins are very essential.
    why not trying to hook up with cubase creators
    and show these comments..

    i enjoy working with your stuff, i started low budget studio and your plug ins made a huge difference..

    I will promote your plug ins where i can.
    so more peeps will support you.

    and i haven’t have troubles with dsk till so far.
    i think (commenting on Chris) it depends on which software you use.

    keep it up Rekkerd..
    ps. how about asian symphonies or mid east symphonies..

  • Just for the record, be sure to contact DSK at his website if you need support. rekkerd.org merely hosts the downloads …

  • Hi Everyone.

    I’m actually using Logic Pro 5 on Pc & don’t have any probs you descibe.

    I use more than 2 Dsk Plug’s in one project & don’t lose any sound when I Bounce into a wav.

    I seems that the problem comes from FL & not Dsk Plugs.

    I used more than 2 Dsk Strings into a same song & no prob. (Only CPU Speed,arghhhhh).

    Would like to thank DSK for his work, I really enjoy using the plugs.


  • adrinux

    I’m downloading it and wanna know if it will work without the rendering issue in Cubase sx2.
    Can anyone tell me?

  • Sam

    I found that in FL Studio it worked like this. I had 2 Z3ta samples and both were z3ta#2 or #3. If you have them like this it will not render. Open a new z3ta or vst and get one to appear without the #1,#2 etc. Sorry its not in more detail but hope it helps. Mule

  • Lyl’ boy

    Peeepzzz, here is a solution to the fact that DSK Brass wont render at all.

    I use FL studio 8.0.2 now and I use DSK Brass like this.

    I put DSK Brass as an effect in my mixer. I configure the MIDI port to for example 1.

    Then I go to my channels list and add a new ‘MIDI out’. That MIDI out you have to configure to the same port as the DSK Brass in your mixer.

    Et voila.. there you have a rendering (without first note) DSK Brass

    The only problems that will persist are:
    – Don’t use multiple DSK Brass instances nur DSK Strings and DSK brass together.
    – The first note will still not render. So be creative and put the a dummy first note before the first note. (Can’t be done always.)

    I’ve also created a Mixer preset channel for use with that you can use to gate the little noise there is. (Maximus needed)

  • Randy Wintjes sent in an mp3 with a nice little demo mp3 with a Brass solo.

  • K LaZ

    Im having the same issue with the DSK Brass. It’s prety annoying. Is there anything I can do? Most tracks I make are based On brass :(

    ~K LaZ

  • K LaZ

    Thanks LYL BOY!!
    I should Have read the full thing before posting lol. It’s still annoying ha the 1st note doesn’t show up. But thanks again if you ever read this again ^^

  • rico

    thanks you all.. my problem is solved.. thanks lyl boy

  • Hey, I have the same issue, just like everyone else… I read Sharchi’s comment

    “Let’s say you have used the Brass Plugin on 3 separate channels. And now you cant hear anything you export. So delete all those channels except for ONE (or paste them on a dummy channel – eg Piano or whatever). In your mixer, mute everything except the single remaining Brass Channel, and export it to a wav. Then reimport that wav file – it no longer uses the Brass plugin, it is a simple wav file. Now, repeat the procedure for all the different Brass / String instances you needed. That’s the workaround. I repeat, you can only use the Brass OR strings plugin in ONE channel (FL Studio).”

    Couple someone please explain exactly how to export the DKS Brass channel to a wav? I’m still getting over the basics of this program, all this computer-technical crap just confuses me..

    Thanks in advance.

  • @Jesse, to export a wave file just go here: file -> export -> wave file

    Or, press or Ctrl-R to the render dialog.

  • Lyl’ boy

    Peepz here is (i think that is) the magical solution to the dsk brass and dsk strings… Stop using it and start using DSK Virtuoso. It has the same problems as Brass and Strings.

    But this one has al the good sounds (or most of them) of brass and strings and has 6 internal layers.

    How to work with them…

    Assign DSK Virtuoso to a midi output port. (Right above in the fruity wrapper).
    Open a new ‘MIDI out’ channel. Assign the midi port to the same number you assigned the plugin.

    Then start using the plugin’s layers and for each layer you may want a new ‘MIDI out’. Remember that the layers are all set to ‘midi channel 1′ so you need to change them.

    You can also assign more then one layer to a midi channel. That’s not a prob. But you cannot use more then one instance in each project.

    If you have any questions then just ask me by replying this comment.

    Lyl’ boy

  • Rokstar

    Also as well as all the other answers i have seen on this site, another possibility could be that you only have the demo version. Rather it be the Demo of FL, or DSK. If you are using the demo it will automatically drop the sound into mute mode every so often. To keep you from making hit tracks without paying your sure. I ran in to this same situation with my Demo of FL trying to use Poizone. Amazing sounds, they know that, and they make sure you do what you got to for it. This is just my solution to your problems.

  • Lyl’ boy

    @ ROKSTAR:

    I have the full version of FL studio 8 and DSK Brass is free, so what ur talking is big BS.

    Btw we are talking about DSK Brass here, not Poizone (which I have the full version of)…

  • Lyl’ boy

    PS: Do u even now what “freeware” means???

  • DJ Junkyard = best solution

  • Les from The Woodz

    kill all the other sounds. and keep on the sounds that werent working. record the whole track trough edison. layer that recorded track over the whole project with the rest of the instruments included. sounds the same to me. works great. still a hassle. just get a new plugin i suggest

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