DSK releases DrumZ AkoustiK

DSK DrumZ AkoustiK

DSK Music has released DrumZ AkoustiK, a freeware acoustic drums rompler VST instrument for Windows PC.

DrumZ AkoustiK features

  • 8 sound slots (C3 to C4 white keys).
  • Level and pan control.
  • Master amp. envelope (ADSR).
  • 8 stereo outs.
  • 85 high quality samples.
  • 4 full kits + extra sounds.
  • Midi automation.
  • Velocity response.
  • Preset selector.

You can download DSK DrumZ AkoustiK (8.0MB) and a demo mp3 below.

DrumZ AkoustiK demo Downloads: 8640 times

DSK DrumZ AkoustiK Downloads: 59262 times

Note: this plug-in uses multiple outputs. You may need to route the outputs to 1 & 2 in your host software to get the sounds to play.

Check the DSK VSTi page for more free plug-ins from DSK Music.

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  • [knot]

    pretty clever sample managing, given the low file size and the quite convincing audio demo (didn’t try the software yet).

    it probably won’t beat greedy professional drum modules nor hungry large loops libraries, but it sure makes a handy first go tool at the composition stage.

  • loads ok, but no sound when i play MIDI or click the drum pads….

    SONAR 7 Producer Edition

  • Hi Joseph, did you read the note about multiple outputs? You might need to configure the plug-in to be routed to your output 1&2 when inserting the plug-in in Sonar.

  • Oops…
    Actually i read it but while downloading & installing, i totallu forgot about it…

    It works now… & BTW…. sooo lovely, small, light & useful…

  • Hi friends your vst is very nice!

  • sjon

    how do i route this to outpout 1 & 2 in ableton ?

    thnx for the great vst’s love the strings


  • JeF

    I’ve downloaded it, installed it.
    But I’m still unable to use it in Logic Audio Paltinum… I tried to route the multi outputs, with absolutely no success.
    Any help ?
    Thanx for your work guys !

  • admc

    Hi, I don’t know what does “route to output 1&2” mean, but I use MU.LAB, where there is a new button here: Connect Alternative Outputs. When I press it, I can connect 8 things: “L1+R1”, “L2+R2”, and so on, to different outputs, but only to Racks.

    Now I tried to connect it a lot of ways, but I hear only open hat and tom, very softly. I used a MdspCompressor effect to amplify, now it’s a bit louder, but still very ugly. Crash and stick are still quiet. Here I have to wait a lot to hear anything. And I can hear the notes only when clicking in the VST window. Using the white keys C3-C4 makes no sound.

    The demo mp3 was very nice, but it’s not too easy to get it working…

  • Sorry ADMC & Jef, I don’t know these hosts well enough to help you out.

    @Sjon: check this comment about routing in Ableton Live: http://rekkerd.org/dsk-releases-drumz-beatvoize/#comment-19696

  • Eilidh

    Ive downloaded the Drumz akoustik plugin but when I click on the file it just shows a load of computer text and theres no other options really. Has this happened to anyone else?

  • Looks like your browser wants to show the download file instead of downloading it.

    When the computer text is fully loaded you could still save the file (File -> Save page as, choose text file, save as DSK_DrumZ_AkoustiK.zip).

    Or try a different browser perhaps.

  • Eilidh

    Ok thanks alot il try that

  • wildweb

    Still can’t get this to work… :( I’ve selected alternate routing – i.e. to analogue 1 + 2 – but no joy. Can you fix this? ….

  • bigp7099

    I think i have figured this out for mu.lab – i’m just starting out but it looks like this is what you do

    1. Assign AkoustiK to Rack A
    2. Using “Connect Alternative Outputs” send L1 + R1 to Rack B, and L2 + R2 and continue on until all the L’s and R’s are sent to Rack B
    3. In Rack B send the Audio Back to Rack A (this may not be necessary but it is what I am doing right now, and I’m getting all 8 sounds when i press keys c1-c2 in the track Rack A is assigned too)

    Now i think theoretically you can assign each sound to a separate rack, so kick could be A, snare B etc, so from 1 track you could program all 8 drum sounds but have 8 separate outputs, or a combination. I haven’t tried this yet as it’s late and i’m tired but i’ll try and post after i come to a conclusion.

  • Misterblue

    Er… Loved the demo, it’s absolutely brilliant. I couldn’t believe you could get sounds like that for free…

    So excited to try it on my songs.

    Except that in my composition soft, Cubase 4 , I get no sound. At all.

    And I think by now I tried everything possible.

    An idea anyone?

    I have to say this isn’t gratuitous criticism. It’s just that it’s so damned frustrating !!!!

  • TC

    Is there a way of changing the sound modules for a kit, or making a custom kit? I’d like to have both a ride and a crash in the same kit – as it is, I have to use a tamborine as a ride, which is….interesting….but not exactly what I want.

  • elDoogs

    Maybe next time you’ll make it simple? Please?

  • Jonny


    My comment is similar to Misterblue’s. I don’t know how to get it routed to outputs 1 & 2 in Cubase SX. The sounds are all there when I select the DSK VST but once I put a sequence in the drum map, only the kick drum plays.

    I would really appreciate someone getting back to me because the demo sounds great.



  • Thickasabrick31

    Okay when I open the .zip file there is only .dll and .txt document thing… Where is the program installer or whatever at?

  • @Thickasabrick31: DrumZ AkoustiK is a VST plug-in. You’ll need a host to use it.

    The .dll has to be be copied to your VST folder and then you should be able to use it in your host.

    If you’re new to VST you can read more about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_Studio_Technology

  • the hopedealer

    So I am running Ableton. The channels are assigned. I have over 30 vst’s, and several drums, yet dsk mini-drums only work. drumz machinez, and akoustik drumz do not have sound. Love to use them. I still have not seen any advice for this in Ableton. Done most everything.

  • Sebastián

    Víctor: por tu nombre me imagino que hablas español. Si me equivoqué, disculpas, volveré a hacer mi consulta en inglés.
    Bien, como ya lo han dicho otros usuarios, mi problema es que no consigo que DrumZ ni que Machinez funcionen. Todos tus otros VSTi’s funcionan perfectamente en mi entorno de trabajo. He leído las explicaciones que les diste a otros usuarios que plantearon el mismo problema, pero sinceramente no entendí cómo solucionarlo. Agradecería desde ya una explicación. Uso SONAR 7 Studio sobre Windows XP Pro, y un interface de audio USB E-mu 0202. Gracias de antemano por toda la información que me puedas brindar para poder usar estos maravillosos instrumentos. Saludos desde Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  • Hola! si, hablo español, soy de las islas canarias ;) el problema es que esos dos instrumentos tienen multiples salidas, una por cada “capa”, tendrías que modificar la salida a tu host, en este caso sonar, a una estereo. No se muy bien como hacerlo en sonar, lo siento! de todas formas, ten en cuenta que estos instrumentos solo “suenan” desde do3 hasta do4, solo las “teclas blancas”.

    De todas formas, voy a subir versiones con una sola salida estereo, cuando esten actualizadas te aviso.

    gracias por utilizar mis instrumentos!!!

  • gotta love this kit….! i def want more!!! bigups DSK!!!

    i only wish i could re-order the hits on my midi keys, anyways, good job ;)

  • BryterLayter

    Could you please explain how this is done in reference to Sonar.

    I can access one drum but but that is as far as i have managed to get. The programme sounds awesome. Many many thanks for creating software like this. Any help would be much appreciated!

  • Sebastián

    Víctor, excelente noticia!! Ya me descargué los archivos, esta tarde los voy a probar en casa. Luego te cuento cómo fue. Saludos y gracias una vez más por tus maravillosos plugins!

  • DP

    I’m not sure how to route the outputs to 1 and 2 to get this to work. I’m using ACID 6.0. Love the plug ins! Thanks.

  • The DrumZ Series plug-ins are also available as single stereo output versions for hosts where routing the multiple outputs doesn’t work well. Download page here:


    • jacob

      thanks for it, high five

  • jd scott

    The demo sounds really good…I have a question about the vst. would i be able to use it in Cakewalk’s Music creator? and most importantly, (to me!) can you use your computer keyboard to play the drums in real time? I want the human affect in my songs without micing an accoustic set….because i do not have thousands of dollars for drums, mics, filters, etc. you know, set it up as an audio track with the vst in the fx pane, hit record, then play along on your pc’s keyboard?
    I hope you can make my dream come true….
    thanx, JD Scott

  • jimdaddyO

    Does anyone know how to configure the outputs in Cakewalk Music Creator 5?

  • Shuriken

    Hello!Thanks for the great VST.
    I’ve installed the VST in FL8,I can hear all samples,but I don’t know how to load them in the step sequencer and use them.Please help me!Thanks in advanced.

  • Wallace

    I have read about multiple outputs, but how can I do this in LMMS? (Linux MultiMedia Studio)

  • Alex

    Sounds great! Downloading now…
    I really enjoy using DSK instruments – thanks chaps :)
    Alex, Bedford. UK

  • Robster67

    I am using Nuendo 1.6. I am trying to use DSK drumz Akoustik, and control it with an Akai Professional MPK mini keyboard. I am not able to figure out how to assign the drum sounds to the brum pads, or even the keyboard itself. It is hit and miss to what drum will play when the pads work at all with it, and I can not get them all to work. Please help.

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