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  • beatman

    This ,is my second comment, because the first was deleted for some odd reason! Like, I stated previously….this plug doesn’t have a realistic harmonica sound.

    There,is far to much release added to the patches that gives this plug a cheap, cheesy sound. A,real harmonica doesn’t sound this way.Also,the 5 different variations don’t sound much different from each other. Without,changing these limiting aspects of this plug…It’s not very usable.

  • It didn’t get deleted. Your first comment was posted on the DSK VSTi page here.

  • beatman

    My bad… Sorry, for the mix up!

  • tripsichord

    Using MagixStudio 12-I was able to record midi info, but have not been able to get a play back with this plugin. I can swith to other plugins and they will play the file. While recording, no sound is porduced either, I’ll keep trying, would like to compare it to General Midi Hamonica….

  • cndncr

    thank you very much. i love DSK…

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