DSK releases Indian DreamZ

DSK Indian DreamZ

DSK Music has released Indian DreamZ, a freeware VST instrument for Windows PC.

Indian DreamZ features

  • 6 Indian Instruments (Sitar, Sarod, veena, Tar, tampura & Tabla).
  • Velocity response.
  • Amp. envelope and micro-detuner.
  • HP/LP Filter.
  • Midi automation.

Download Indian DreamZ for Windows PC below (12.5MB).

DSK Indian DreamZ Downloads: 73751 times

Check the DSK and hosted plug-ins pages for more free VST instruments and effects.

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  • P E Y O T E C O.

    Peyoteco wrote some inappropriate comments so I took the liberty to take them out, leaving this message so you understand where RunBeerRun’s comment comes from.


  • RunBeerRun

    Is this really necessary?

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  • akmusic

    dude! THANKS A LOT! they also do sound very very realistic! i was looking for this kind of package for SUCH a long time! i’ll def. do a donation. keep up such a great site and work!
    best of luck! ;)

  • Sirtaz Ranauta


    Just downloaded Indian Dreamz as I was looking for a decent set if Tabla sounds.

    The sounds are great however their location on the keyboard is not.

    I have in the past created a soundfont using samples from my tabla and I found that placing all the bass sounds in an octave on the low side of the keyboard and all the samples from the right hand drum on the right side of the keyboard in such a way that it emulates as much as possible the playing surfaces of the tablas, enables better the use of the techniques for the left and right hand.

    Are you open to some collaboration to come up
    with such a layout and perhaps create a standard for this?


    • salty_pete

      I agree that the sounds are good, but working out which bol are supposed to go where is very confusing. I laid them all out in an ascending row to make some sense of it, but sorting them all is going to take a long time and putting them in patterns is a big job.

  • szaszha

    amazing vst! thanks so much!

  • jog

    thanxx for doin such a good work
    really great work…m using mac..if ny1 know how can i use these sounds in mac..logic or protools..plz let me know..

  • Ismael

    sounds amazing……
    thanks a lot for the plug

  • stephen marshall

    MAN.. at last.. I got it!! thanks!! you’re the best!!

  • Jai

    Dear friend,

    I could see two files in the downloaded zip file.

    DSK Music VSTi – Readme.txt
    DSK Indian DreamZ.dll

    Can you please give me a hint, how can us run this software without an executable file?


  • Jai, the DSK instruments are VST plug-ins so you need a host application that supports VST plug-ins to use them (e.g. the free Cantabile Lite).

    Read more on VST here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_Studio_Technology

  • Jai

    Thanks Ronnie,

    It worked. It is an excellent plugin.


  • Christopher Burke

    Dear DSK.

    Thanks for a wonderful collection of plug-ins, I’ve got the lot, Choirz, Drumz, Bassz and now Indian Dreamz (at least I think thatz the lotz!)

    I just wish my compositions were up to their standard.

    Yours respectfully


  • jassi

    heyy guys how can i load this on to fl studio?

  • Abani

    Dear Friends

    Now I am useing Roland Xp-60 in live performance , I dont know about VST , any body help me which VST Host application is better for me and hardware required for VST in live performance .

    Abani , India

    • Subash Sinchuari

      For me NI kontakt is best ever…

  • 123

    Why do VBTi-creators hate Mac-users? I really wanted this but no…….

  • Gunathilaka

    all I can say is “this is great………..”

  • Asebasti2

    Thanks a billion!

  • Franco Giuliodori

    Hi… I need some help with DSK Indian dream and FL Studio… I’ve placed the *.dll files into my FL’s VST directory, then i could find the VST but, when i add a new patch with DSK Indian Dream, i got an error message that says: “Sorry, but this plugin couldn’t be found or opened”.
    Can anyone help me????

    • Hi Franco, I suggest you contact DSK at his website. Perhaps he could help.

      • Franco Giuliodori

        Thanks Ronnie, i’ve already done this… I hope they could help me…

        Best regards

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