DSK releases MachineZ

DSK MachineZ

DSK Music has released MachineZ, a new sound module in the DSK DrumZ Series.

MachineZ features

  • 8 sound slots, with level and pan control (C3 to C4 white keys).
  • 8 stereo outs.
  • 226 samples.
  • 18 kits.
  • Midi automation.
  • Preset selector.

Note: This plug-in uses multiple outputs, you may need to route the outputs in your host to channels 1 & 2 to get any sound.

Download MachineZ below (17.5MB).

DSK MachineZ Downloads: 48100 times

Visit the DSK VSTi page for more freeware plug-ins.

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  • beatman

    This version sounds better than mini drumz IMO.
    But,like the mini version…this has shortcomings as well!

    For starters,there is no master volume level. Also, it doesn’t have a gate function which means you have to hold down a key for the full duration of a sample. It also doesn’t have any tuning features which makes it extremely limited in its usefulness. I also noticed clipping in the kick drum channel because it’s probably monophonic.

    I think a sampler version would be better, that allows you to put your own samples in a folder.

    I appreciate DSK’S generosity…but, I think he should put
    more thought and effort into his creations by giving them typical functions that most users would have a basic need for.Tuning is the most basic need, for example!

    In order To use these sounds in a way that suits me… I would have to sample the drums and use them in a sampler.

  • wildweb

    Can’t seem to get this plugin to ‘work’. All other DSK plgs work fine… this one… nada. keyboard hits = nothing. Click for sample = nothing… Have I installed it correctly?

  • MachineZ uses multiple outputs which means you’ll need a host that support that.

    It could be that your host allows for manual routing the channels, so that all samples will play on channel 1 & 2.

    What host are you using?

  • wildweb

    Thanks Ronnie. I’m using Tracktion. channels are set to default – 1 and 2 ouputs…. just… no sound.
    Goes like this:
    Midi keyboard -> midi in input on track -> machinez plugin -> tried any keys on keyboard -> (inputs recieved into host = OK i.e. getting input response from keyboard) -> analogue outs (1+2) – Nada !
    Again, all other VSTs are fine including the mini drumz….

  • +chris+

    In REAPER, I had to manually route every channel. MachineZ works fine now… :)

  • B.Sabini

    Dear Sir,

    First of all, thanks for providing this vst instrument for free.

    Under C4 (cubase), it will upload but there is no sound heard nor channels displayed in the mixer section. But, it works under C3SX.

    Did I overlook something ? Please advise. Thanks.

    Best regards,

  • Hi:

    I agree with the majority of the comments here. You are doing a great job. I’m here to merely offer my feedback, and I am unable to hear the audio from the Drumz. I too am using Cubase 4. (I don’t own any other sequencer.)

    I do get MIDI in, without a hitch. It is the routing — which is impossible to change. I use the FireWire Solo, and I only have one Stereo output with which to work.

    Thank you.

    – Sammy

  • skyclaw441

    I am using a free VST sequencer, and I can’t get any audio, like most of you.

  • Hi guys, sorry to hear you’re having trouble getting it to work…

    Skyclaw, what sequencer would that be? I could try to figure out how to make it work.

    I’m afraid I can’t try the commercial hosts like Cubase since I don’t own a copy of those.

  • Bayan

    Same thing here, i loaded it up in Logic 5.3 and got no sound
    So the defect of this plug-in is most likely compatibility
    But who uses Logic 5.3 nowadays anyway? LOL

    overall i enjoy using the man’s plug-ins, great effort

  • illy

    machinez wont werk on my comp. how come? all ur other vstis werk(brass akoustik keys strings) only this one doesnt

  • skyclaw441

    Well, I got it to work with FL Studio just fine. My original seqencer was VSTSeq, and I was programming the wrong octave, so that probably contributed to it. Well, it seems to work fine for me.

  • Steve

    Not working for me in Renoise either. Although it did work in Mad Tracker, which is kinda weird since it’s an older program. Same thing with another plug-in, AM VirtuaDrum. Probably has something to do with them trying to automatically assign channels? I don’t know.

  • mike

    im using cubase 4 but this drumz machinez aint playing no sound ive got the mini version but that worked straight away y am i having problems with this 1.

  • Stef

    I would love to use this… but it’s useless. I’ve loaded it into Sonar 6 and Acid Pro 4 – nada.

    Did anyone figure out how to get any sound at all from MachineZ?

  • Hi Stef,

    Many people are experiencing problems with this plug-in as it needs to have its outputs routed to channels 1 & 2 for many hosts.

    Unfortunately I don’t know how to do this in Sonar 6 or Acid Pro 4…

  • severen

    great vsti! thank you

  • chj

    Have to agree with Beatman here, it’s a step in the right direction from MiniDrumz, as you can adjust volume levels for different drums and set up custom kits. However, the lack of gate function and the fact that the drums aren’t correctly mapped to standardized keys means it doesn’t work well with premade midi drum patterns. Right now MiniDrumz is still easier to use even though the volume level is kindof low.

    Both MachineZ and MiniDrumz have lots of potential. I don’t know of any other freebies that provide this range of vintage drum machines all in one package. Judging by the number of downloads, alot of people would love to see a new and improved version incorporating the best of both.

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  • andrew

    I too am confused as to how to make this work. I like all of the other plugins of yours I’ve used, but this one is just too difficult to get to work. Maybe the multiple output should be an option that you can toggle on and off or assign to each channel instead of being default.

  • Andrew

    I figured out how to do it in Reaper, I’m just an idiot. It was too simple. I was looking all over the place except for right there in the easiest of places. It didn’t occur to me to click where it says 2in/8out our whatever it says. It didn’t look like a button, just a text telling me what it was.

    Thanx for the stereo version though, I’ve been wanting to use this in Cubase and just figured I was SOL. I just DLd all 3 drumZ packs and am about to use them. I played around with the human beatbox one in Reaper and it is much better than I thought it would be. Excellent work, and thanx so much for this awesome, free, software!

  • jaydrimz adaiku

    pls i downloaded the plugin and when i tried opening the folder its just blank nothing to run at all how can i go about downloadin it pls

    • The download is a zip file. Inside is a folder with .dll and .txt files. The .dll file needs to be copied to your VST plugins folder. Note that DSK MachineZ needs a plugin host to run.

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