DSK releases mini DrumZ

DSK mini DrumZ

DSK Music has released mini DrumZ, a freeware drum sample rompler for Windows PC.

mini DrumZ features the sounds of the following drum machines:

  1. Ace Tone Rhythm Ace, Kakehashi’s pre-Roland sound drum machine.
  2. Akai XE8, the 1U rack mount unit with 16-bit drum samples.
  3. Akai XR10, anybody know anything about this one?
  4. Alesis HR-16, one of Alesis’s first drum machines.
  5. Boss DR-55, first drum machine from Roland with the name Boss.
  6. Boss DR-220, typical mid 80’s digital drum sounds.
  7. Fricke MSB512
  8. Kawai R50, 12 bit 32K sampled drums.
  9. Korg DDD-1, came with 18 short PCM samples.
  10. Korg DDM110, lo-fi and crunchy sounding.
  11. Mattel SynSonic, from the people who brought you Barbie…
  12. MXR 185, the machine where it’s hard to tell rim from snare.
  13. Roland CR-78, the 1978 drum machine that used analog drum voices.
  14. Roland TR-606, originally designed to be used with the Roland TB-303.
  15. Roland TR-727, latin drum kit version of the TR-707.
  16. Roland TR-808, originally manufactured for use as a tool for studio musicians to create demos.
  17. Roland TR-909, partially analog, partially sample-based drum machine.
  18. SCI DrumTraks, Sequential’s first digital drum machine.
  19. SCI Tom, similar to the DrumTraks but more advanced.
  20. Yamaha RX11, the drum machine that looks like a DX.

Download mini DrumZ below (12.1MB).

DSK mini DrumZ Downloads: 81159 times

Visit the DSK VSTi page for more plug-ins.

StereoSavage at Plugin Boutique
  • Michael

    The concept of this plugin – to reproduce the drum sounds of various well known drum machines – is something that I wished someone would do for a long time. For the most part I think this has been done relatively well, but there are some elements of this plug that perhaps fall short of the mark.

    The sounds are accurate, but problematic. There is no consistency of volume between them, and even differences in volume between various sounds for the same machine. This is pretty irritating, as you can’t vary the volume of individual drums, so the volume levels need to be much nearer than they are. The problem with each machine being different in volume is not good either – the difference is very pronounced in some cases.

    One other problem is the mapping of drums to keys on a keyboard not being consistent either. For example, from one machine to another the snare drum may move so you can’t program MIDI then change machines as the drum in the kit might change.

    Overall I like the idea but feel that there are some problems in execution – this software really needs to have the drums resampled to better volumes for the next version. As is, it’s not that usable.

  • beatman

    I actually liked DSK’S original drum machine plug from a while back. It had a really phat sound and a good choice of samples and sound shaping features. It would be nice if he did a remake of it, with more drum samples than the original and added user sample folders to put your own samples in.

    I agree with most of your comments about mini Drumz.One thing that stood out IMO is,It seemed to have some stereo
    separation fx applied to every sound.At the very least,there should be a master tune feature.I think the images of the machines are cool though!

    I wish someone would make a plug based on popular sampled based drum machines and keyboards from the 90’s like the Roland R70 or the Boss DR660. The roland R8, Kurzweil k200,
    ASRx10,or drums from the Korg groove boxes. The analog drum boxes have been done to death. I have these sounds a thousand times over.

    All said & done, it’s a good concept as well as free so you really can’t complain.But he does welcome feedback in the text files.


    Yep the beauty is in its simplicity: conceptually great, implements ok, and agree with the above comments. Just a little extra effort would push this freebie vst into legendary status :)

  • wildweb

    I can’t download it. Just takes me to another page..?.. ?

  • wildweb

    All downloads do not work at the moment. They just take you to “Sonalksis announces Sonalksis Mastering Suite” page.

    Please get this fixed… so I can try out the new drumz plugin. Thanks!

  • wildweb

    It’s a problem with Firefox. Using IE they d/load just fine. Thanks.

  • ohmsweetohm

    no its not. i can’t download all the files from dsk

  • Doug

    Look at the link for any downloads on this site; it should look something like this: http://rekkerd.org/?dl=548

    Apparently, it should really be: http://rekkerd.org/download?dl=548 (notice the ‘download’ right before the ‘?’)

    Once I added that ‘download’ text to each link after clicking on it, it properly downloaded the file(s).

  • hh

    Hello friend. I discovered your fantastic website today. I want to try the Mini Drumz plugin but i cant download it from this link: http://rekkerd.org/dsk-releases-mini-drumz/

    Whats the problem?

    Thank you.


  • Sorry guys, I’ve installed some new cache plugin which seemed to cause problems.

    The downloads now seem to work again, but I’m not sure what the issue is, so please report if it doesn’t work for you.

  • hh

    All right this time. Thank you !

  • ohmsweetohm

    yes it works. thanks

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  • amuzak

    How do I download this?

    It gives me a ZIP file and then what?

  • Replicant61

    I have had no problems downloading your wonderful VSTI’S but am having problems using the Mini drUMZ kIT i just don’t get any sounds from it? can you help me? i would like to say a BIG thanks for all these wonderful instruments.

  • Replicant61, what host are you using?

    Note that the drum sounds are only mapped to a limited amount of notes (C3 to C4 white keys if I’m not mistaken)

  • raj

    hi,i`ve download the mini drum z but i cant get it to install can anyone help.

  • Cubase User

    C-1 is a bass drum, With D-1 being the Snare, and F-1 being the hi-hat, that is all the sounds I have found apart from a click on E-1.

    To install it you need to copy the all of the files from the zip folder into you VST plugins folder- which program ae you running, if it is the PC version of Cubase – like me it will be found in c:program filessteinbergcubase LEVSTplugins

    The SE is replaced with whatever version of cubase you are running.

  • I love this thing. The interface and everything. Super simple and nice.

    Does anyone know of a place where I could download MIDI patterns of some of the old drum machines’ preset patterns?

  • Devan

    What, no Prince Linn LM-1? For shame…

  • jP

    Hey Replicant61 I had your same problem – just download their second version. It’s somewhere on the page, but if you can’t find it search DSK Mini DRUMZ 2. :)

    – No matter what, stay cruNK.

  • Jebby

    Pretty good for free but the mapping kinda kills it for me. Every other drum VSTI has the kick on ‘C’ and the snare on ‘D’ (alternate snare or clap ‘C#’) while with all of DSK’s software the kick is usually on ‘E’ though sometimes on ‘D’.

    • Have you thought of adding a transpose function to it? What DAW are you using?



  • max

    Please answer these questions!
    Which of the 808/909 sounds are analog?
    Is the quality of the 808/909 samples equal to 24 bit and 48khz at least?
    Complete analog and seperate outputs/volumes are needed!

  • @Max, DSK mini DrumZ isn’t the right thing for you. You should consider getting a proper high quality sound library like Goldbaby’s TheTape808/909

    Or, get a good emulation like D16’s Nepheton and Drumazon instruments. Really great authentic 808 and 909 sounds.

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