DSK releases Virtuoso

DSK Virtuoso

DSK Music has released Virtuoso, a freeware multi layer VST instrument for Windows PC.

With DSK Virtuoso you can play great combinations of 6 layer instruments, or play a composition up to 6 different parts, through the MIDI channels selectors.

Virtuoso features

  • 6 Instrument layers.
  • Midi channel assignable to each one.
  • ADSR, level and Pan control for each layer.
  • 40 instruments in 7 categories (Keyboards, Chromatic, Plucked, Woodwind, Brass, Strings and Percussion).
  • 2 Send Fx (chours & delay).
  • 1 Master reverb Fx.
  • Velocity response.

DSK Virtuoso mp3 demos: Combi presets, multi-layer sample.

Download DSK Virtuoso below (46MB). Update 2008/12/24: fix for saving layers instrument selection, same download link below

DSK Virtuoso Downloads: 58642 times

Check the DSK VSTi page for more freeware instruments by DSK Music.

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  • siemboy

    Thanks ! I really love this !

  • dea

    any mac version on the horizon?

  • poet


    Wanted to be able to layer more than 2 of any of the instruments without crashes for ages, then you release this!

    Big up yourself. Top quality work. :)

  • Max

    hi, I’ve a problem : Reaper doesn’t remember the Virtuoso’s settings when I close and open again a project

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  • Bob

    it doesnt work when I download it i get it in a rar. file

  • Viv

    Hey, I just wanted to say thanks! You guys are doing an awesome job with your VSTis; they are all top notch!! I just wanted to say that Virtuoso is really cool, but I’m having problems with it on my computer– firstly, whenever I save a project in which I used virtuoso then try to open it again, whatever I had done with the virtuoso plugin is not saved. If I render a file to mp3, the virtuoso is excluded from the rendering! Worse still, every time I use it, its causing my FL Studio to stop responding and crash! Don’t get me wrong, I have a pretty fast computer and it has never crashed or given me any kinds of problems before, until Virtuoso… Please forgive my complaints; I still think it’s a really awesome tool and I love all your plugins, but I just thought I should bring my problem to your attention, in case you have any solution. Thank you for everything!


  • Jason

    I’ having the same problem with virtuoso in fl studio. It’s a great plugin but i tried exporting the mp3 of one of my songs using the accoustic piano sound and the piano pattern never registered into the final song. It also made fl studio crash a few times but again like the other post, thanks for taking the time to make plugins like these.

  • john fly bye

    those same problems happen on my fl studio but only if i open two vsti’s from dsk so what i do is record the sample that i am using for that instrument, but only using one dsk vsti at a time

  • Jack

    Great work this is an really nice vst. But I have a porblem with it. Allways when I make a projekt with the instrument in Cubase Essential 4 I get an C++ runtime Error. What is the problem? Does anyone have the same problem or know how to fix it?

  • Tom

    sort your damn software out before you make it available, enough people have problems. Fix them please, ive lost enough work because of this program now. Dont get me wrong its a good VST but theres no point in having it if it crashes everything

  • Hi Tom, I understand your frustration but perhaps you could write to dsk and provide him with details on what you’re using. He might be able to find the problem and fix it.

  • DSK has released a new version of Virtuoso which should fix the problems with saving of the layers’ instrument selection. Download link is the same.

    No idea if it will also work in Cubase now…

  • jubin roy

    give me a list of instruments included


    I’m having the same problem… I use FL 7; if I try to export a project wich includes 2 or more Dsk virtuoso… the mp3 doesn’t work. Plz,someone can help me (us)?

  • bino

    hello , thank you so much im haveing the same problem and i have a fast computer too and never crushed i use fl8 and once i use dsk plugin it crushed and when i export it to mp3 or wave i found so much noise in the track ! and when i was useing fl5 it casued me a damage and i lost the project till now , please find solution cause its a pity to have such great plugins but dont work well ! and thank you

  • Jack

    Thank you very much, I am very curious to try out these beauties !

  • Adel A.R. Jamal

    It keeps asking for download authentication.

    No idea what the password is :(

    PLZ help !

  • Hi Adel, there is no password. Make sure not to use a download manager and the download should work fine.

  • Sem Limites

    Hey man many people are having problems with the Plugin…..
    Im afraid of downloading it…..
    Please someonde say something that can solve the problems

  • Adel A.R. Jamal

    No problems here!
    Except for my slow PC, but it runs well.
    I love the pizzicatos found at the end of the preset list.


    i have vista and for some reason it wont let me install it when i click on open the download goes away??????

  • Julian S

    You guys rock! Incredible! How dare do many others charge for inferior products?

  • Dean R

    didnt allow me 2 extract

  • I have tried several of your plugins. However, when I try to use them in Samplitude (after pasting the .dll file in my vst folder), the won’t work. I only get a bunch of messages saying “can’t load … converters.sem” and other “sem” files. The interface the pops up, but does not play any sounds. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • Sam-Ashford

      Most of DSK plug-ins- were made with synth-edit. There are various issues with plugins made with it, depending on what version of the program & modules that were used. I get the same messages U mentioned… but it can happen with any synth-edit based plugin.

      I don’t remember those messages happening on XP. Given how old DSK plugins are… they may not work as expected on win system beyond XP.

      • So it sounds like the DSK plugins will not work with Windows 7?

        • chuck death

          It’s a permissions issue and it’s easy to fix. You just need to take control of the folder where you installed the synth. Microsoft changed the folder security settings from Vista onwards (which is why Sam didn’t remember the issue on XP).

          Synthedit based stuff needs to unpack it’s 3rd party modules (the *.sem files) into the plug in folder on first use. You’ve installed it into a folder, most likely in your “programs” folder, that does not have permission to write these files and therefore you get the message it can’t find the files.

          Right click on the folder the plugin is in and change it’s security settings so that it allows users full write access. This should allow the plug in to create the sem files and stop the warnings. This works for all Synthedit based plug ins.

          • Sam-Ashford

            Question… why does the issue only happen with certain synth edit plugins, but not others that’s installed in the same vst host folder? I never have this issue with Terry West, or KX777FREE, plug-ins just to name a couple. Of course there’s other SE plugs I don’t have this issue with either. Only certain ones have the issue.

            I never get this problem with FL STUDIO-10, because it has a quick scan feature that doesn’t do deep scanning like other host does before the host itself runs the plug-in. The issue happens in Cubase, Sonar, Magix various software, and I don’t recall if it happened in Abelton Live. I have 32bit plug-ins installed in the X86 vst program folder & not the regular program folder where my 64bit vst folder resides. I have a win7 64bit system.

            Some of the older SE plugs could be less than the vst 2.4 standard, which newer updated versions of host may not run on a 64 bit system. The fact that only certain SE plug-ins have the issue, suggests to me that maybe certain SEM files are not compatible on a 64bit system, otherwise it seems that all SEM files would not load if it were a permissions issue? And as far as XP goes… I had a 32bit system. Of course all of my statements on SE are purely speculative!

          • chuck death

            Without watching exactly how you installed everything I can’t answer your question! All I can tell you is, the folder permissions changed from Vista onwards and that is known to cause the missing sem problem.
            I have had NO issues running Synthedit plugins on 64 bit Vista, 7 or 8 and all I have done is change the security settings on the VST folder to allow user write access. I’m also using FL Studio 10 (as well as Reaper4), so I really don’t think there’s a general 64 bit issue.

  • john.smedley@codemasters.com

    Hi. just installed and used this plugin with sonar. the sounds are really great. But… sometimes when there is a note change there is a slight click which I can’t get rid of whatever I do. However I have just listened to the samples above and they also have the same click. Any chance you can fix this?

    • Hi John, best try contacting the developer at http://www.dskmusic.com/contact/

    • Dglsell

      I have the same problem when holding a note past a certain length of time. It pops and does not hold the note any longer. I think I will try to edit the note in the piano roll instead of using my controller but it is quite annoying when trying to do a cello solo or something like that. Let me know if you found a way to fix this issue please.

  • Gioscena

    Good VST but It crashes every 10 minutes

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