DtBlkFx 0.9 VST plug-in

Darrell Barrell DtBlkFx 0.9

DtBlkFx (by Darrell Barrell) is a Fast-Fourier-Transform (FFT) based Virtual Sound Technology (VST) plug-in for use in audio software supporting such stuff.

It combines elements of distortion, filtering and synthesis in order to make you smile.

It has an easy to use interface (click thumbnail for a larger image) and lets you do all kinds of things – examples are:

  • Brick-wall (sharp roll off) filtering
  • Harmonic based filtering
  • Various types of noise control
  • Frequency shifting
  • Something similar to vocoding
  • Many unique effects

You can download the latest version of this plug-in here:

DtBlkFx v0.9 Downloads: 4454 times

DtBlkFx is freely distributable and is covered by the terms of the GNU licensing agreement. Source code is included.

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  • deework

    Hi !!
    thx for this killer plug !!
    but i have a big issue in fruity loops 6… i can’t save preset !
    everytime i try it recall only some of the parameters..
    have you plan to correct this bug ??

    Thanx :)

  • heya, love this vst, but i am also having fruity woes… no sliders or spectral display i’m afraid :(.

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