Equinox Sounds/ProducerLoops.com offers 2 free Sample Packs with any purchase

ProducerLoops.com / Equinox Sounds

Equinox Sounds are offering 2 sample packs for free download at ProducerLoops.com.

These free sample packs can be downloaded as a bonus for any purchase made at the ProducerLoops.com website.

Free sample packs

    20 free electronic drum loops that will provide you with the foundation to build a wide variety of electronic styles. The loops are presented in REX2 format.
    20 dance synthesizer arpeggio loops recorded from virtual and analogue synthesizers. The loops are presented in ACID/WAV format.

ProducerLoops.com has also included free taster packs on many of its product pages, so you can try out some content before making a purchase.

Visit ProducerLoops.com for more information.

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