ExperimentalScene sets DarkWave Studio and plug-ins free

ExperimentalScene DGenR8

ExperimentalScene has released DarkWave Studio and previously commercially released plug-ins as freeware.

ExperimentalScene freeware

  • DarkWave Studio 1.2, Modern virtual studio for the creation of electronic music.
  • DGenR8 VST 2.1, Virtual Analog Drum Module / Synthesizer.
  • SpatialVerb VST 2.0, A high end VST reverb effect for Windows VST hosts.
  • AntiAlias VST 2.0, Remove aliasing from digital audio with this effect for Windows compatible VST hosts.

Visit ExperimentalScene for more information.

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  • TechLo

    Non-intuitive, basically nothing for documentation, and crash happy — how’s about you donate to ME for even trying this, lol.

  • Seedofheaven

    I’m with Techlo. VSti didn’t even open up in FL Studio, some address error…. Darkwave Studio wouldn’t wor with ASIO driver…. This stuff should never leave beta stage, actually I’m shocked it’s at 1.2 & 2.1 version numbers (!!!) afraid to think what the beta worked like.

  • AntiAlias, DGenR8 and SpatialVerb have been updated to version 2.3. Each has had a graphics bug fixed which caused the plug ins to crash.

    Also, DarkWave Studio has been updated to version 1.4 with the same bug fix.

    Strangely enough, DarkWave Studio is shareware again ($25 for a license).

    I guess all the free downloads made the dev think it was worth something after all.

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