Expert Sleepers updates Silent Way to v1.5.2

Expert Sleepers Silent Way - AC Encoder

Expert Sleepers has released version 1.5.2 of Silent Way, a suite of plug-ins designed for use with analogue synthesisers, and especially as part of a modular analogue synthesiser system.

A new plug-in has been added to the suite: Silent Way AC Encoder.

Silent Way AC Encoder removes the need for a DC coupled audio interface (common to Silent Way and all other software that generates CVs) and lets you use Silent Way with almost any audio interface. The two requirements are

  • your interface must have balanced outputs (almost all do).
  • you need to make some special cables.

The cables are a very simple job, well within the scope of anyone with basic soldering skills.

Silent Way is available to purchase for PC and Mac (VST/AU) for $49 USD, plus VAT if applicable.

More information: Expert Sleepers / Silent Way

Free samples at Loopmasters
  • Silent Way was updated to v1.5.3:
    This update adds a VSTi configuration of the Mac OS X and Windows VST versions of the Silent Way Voice Controller plug-in, so the plug-in can now be used either as an instrument or as an effect.

  • v1.5.4 was released:

    This update fixes a bug in the Silent Way Quantizer plug-in that could cause the quantized note name to be displayed incorrectly when in ‘Calibrated’ mode.

  • v1.5.5 extends the range of the Silent Way LFO’s Beat Divisor parameter down to 1/128th notes.

    This addresses a problem with setting up the VST versions of the plug-in to output DIN Sync.

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