EZ-Sound releases Pattern Display utility plugin

EZ-Sound Pattern Display

EZ-Sound has introduced Pattern Display, a big display (540/540 pixels) created for the live performer.

It loads as a Vst instrument and reacts to the incoming velocity (see velocity chart) It is therefore easy to display the number you want at any moment of you song….

The following notes velocities will display the corresponding numbers

Number 1 velocity 1 to 12
Number 2 velocity 13 to 29
Number 3 velocity 30 to 38
Number 4 velocity 39 to 49
Number 5 velocity 50 to 57
Number 6 velocity 58 to 66
Number 7 velocity 67 to 76
Number 8 velocity 77 to 88
Number 9 velocity 89 to 127

The plug-in is a free download for Windows (VST).

More information: EZ-Sound / Pattern Display

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