FL Studio to have SynthMaker included

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Just noticed this in my feed reader:

What Dashboard do you want?

As you may know the next release of FL Studio will have (the FL version) of SynthMaker included. This will not only allow you to create incredible synths & FX but also do fully functional dashboards for your hardware & software synths.

Well I for one didn’t know! This is pretty cool.

I wonder if that means these special SM synths and effects will only work with FL Studio. Would make sense right? If people start making cool synths and effects with this (and they only works with FL Studio), that would be a great selling point for FL Studio…

Looking forward to see what this will bring!

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  • beatman

    This is very interesting as well as exciting!
    However,I wonder what effects this will have on overall CPU usage.
    SynthMaker plugs, are very cpu intensive unless, they have recently improved that area of SynthMaker.
    Still a great feature to add nonetheless.

  • I share your concern. I expect it will only eat as much CPU as if you were to load a regular SM plug-in, and perhaps even less if it’s integrated well enough. (I’m pretty sure they’ll have a global enable/disable option for the system as well if CPU turns out to be an issue).

    FL Studio has a large user base, and perhaps there are quite a few talented guys out there who have never touched SynthEdit/SyntMaker before, so it will be exciting to see what people will come up with.

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