Flux releases Pure Limiter

Flux Pure Limiter v1.2

Flux has released Pure Limiter, a plug-in which uses an exclusive algorithm allowing a dramatic level enhancement with no drawback on the sound quality.

Pure Limiter features

  • Three operation modes:
    1. automatic mode allows quick operations in most cases
    2. manual mode allows more parameter settings
    3. advanced mode allows total control on the processing
  • Two display modes:
    1. mode A – both original and limited waveforms are displayed
    2. mode B – displays the limited waveform, the limiter action and the histogram of the release value which is especially useful when running in advanced mode
  • 192 KHz and 8 channels capable
  • A/B preset morphing function

Pure Limiter is available in native formats for AU, RTAS and VST and costs 170 EUR / $220.33 USD.

Visit Flux for more information.

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  • beatman

    I wouldn’t buy any of their plugs.I’ve tried the freeware
    and demo plugs and none of them work with any of my DAWS.
    It wont run in FL studio6, Cubase SE, Sonar6 (Studio Edition)
    I haven’t bothered to test them any further than these programs even though, I have some other 1’s. Maybe they actually run on Mac?

  • How do they not work? Do you get error messages or something? Plenty of people are using these plug-ins, also on PC so it’s a bit weird they don’t work on any of your DAWs.

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