Free drumkit samples from Warren Street Studio

Warren Street Studio

Warren Street Studio (Manhattan, NY) is offering a few free samples of a drum kit.

All samples are 44.1kHz/24bit stereo AIFF. They are edited and ready to be loaded into a sampler or imported into a session.

There are three downloads available:

  • drum kit – close and room mics combined
  • drum kit – close mics only
  • drum kit – room mics only

The full drum kit (close and room mics combined) includes 136 samples (59MB uncompressed).

Visit Warren Street Studio for more information and a link to download these samples.

Free samples at Loopmasters
  • beatman

    These samples are corrupted.They will not play in any of the
    programs i have that plays AiFF files.Wavepad reported the
    samples as corrupted.My other programs gave no feedback about
    why the samples didn’t play.

  • Hi Beatman, the files are okay.
    It’s in uncompressed 24-bit, 44.1Khz stereo format. They load fine in Sound Forge and FL Studio 7. Perhaps Wavepad doesn’t load 24-bit AIFF?

  • beatman

    Thanks Loops, I tried them in FL Studio7 demo(I have FL studio6)You’re correct…the files are not corrupted!
    They sound pretty good at their original pitch and lower.
    Tuned more than 1 or 2 notes above the recorded pitch…they loose something ,though. Good and usable just the same!

  • James Bediako

    Please I want any beat program setup

  • Martin Lee

    Not available. Any mirrors?

    • Hi Martin,
      I think I have this set. I will have a look when I’m at my DAW, not sure if any license details are included.

    • Hey Martin, I think I have this set but there’s no text file included so I don’t know if there can be shared…

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