Free Survival Drum Kit pack by Producers Choice at BPB

Bedroom Producers Blog has announced that the Producers Choice is giving away free copies of its Survival Drum Kit sample library to all BPB readers.

Survival Drum Kit Giveaway

Introducing ‘Survival’ – the latest high technology hip hop/urban drum samples, from The Producers Choice and Xclusive-Audio. Designed from the ground up to work quick with both Reason & NI Maschine/Mikro – but also available in .WAV format for use in ANY software/hardware.

Survival Drum Kit is aimed mainly at hip hop music producers, however the included drum samples and loops will also work great in other urban music styles such as trap, dubstep, etc. This commercial drum sample collection is normally priced at $39 and features over 1.14 GB of one shot drum samples, as well as over 300 MB of drum loops.

The sample pack is free at BPB until March 7th, by sharing the news on social networks or subscribing to the BPB mailing list.

More information: BPB / Survival Drum Kit Giveaway

Cableguys TimeShaper
  • thank you for the coverage Ronnie!

    • No problem mate, great giveaway!

  • cheesemaster

    This is a very good giveaway that’s a commercial product otherwise. I checked a percentage of the sounds in a media player and found that it took awhile to hear the next snare play. I wasn’t watching the monitor at the time and thought the media player was goofing up. Turns out, that a good number of the snare samples are ridiculously long at nearly 3mb for a single sample, because they aren’t edited.

    Not certain if this is a means to get the sample package size to be rated higher than it really is- ( no accusations!) given that a good deal of that size comes from dead wasted space on your HDD. This would concern me if I actually paid for this product, but it’s no big deal given I used the free coupon. I could surmise that at a minimum, there is at least 300mb of wasted unedited space, which can be an issue for paying customers if they like to load samples in ram instead of using disk streaming- since it uses more CPU than ram does. That’s a lot of extra work on paying customers part toward editing. IJS…

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