Genji Siraisi releases Drum Nugs

Genji Siraisi has released Drum Nugs, a collection of drum loops recorded during a Groove Collective tour in Europe in 2008.

Genji Siraisi Drum NugsGenji Siraisi Drum Nugs – recordings from Hannover, Passau, Linz and Oberwart

I recorded them during sound checks and later edited, mastered and in some cases processed them quite heavily. Please feel free to use them however you wish. All I ask is that you please credit me and when possible include the read me text or at least my site Of course if you really like these a donation would be kindly appreciated.

Drum Nugs contains 631 AIF drum loops (627 MB zip), available for purchase for $10 USD.
A Free Nugs sample pack of 62 AIF drum loops can be downloaded free of cost. Donations are appreciated.

Visit Genji Siraisi for more information.

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