Kip Chatterson GenMce v1.63

Kip Chatterson has created GenMce, a generic midi controller to Mackie control emulator.

GenMce is a midi translator, designed to allow you to use your midi controller to it’s maximum potential in your audio, and possibly video creative projects without having to reprogram your controller. Isn’t it time you let that mouse rest, use your controller. You move a fader on your controller, your software responds. You press a button on your controller or midi keyboard you get what ever you have assigned to it.

GenMce is a Stand alone (free) midi control surface translator/emulator. Let your midi controller act like a Mackie Control Universal for near mouse free surface control of your DAW software. Presets created for Ableton Live, Cubase/Nuendo, Sonar, Audition, Reason, Tracktion and more. Built in midi monitors for easy entry of your controller data.

Please check the website for more information and download.

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  • Kip

    Will someone please comment on how this is working for them.
    I started working on an update to GenMce, but since, I have only heard from a few people, I must conclude there is little interest.

  • beatman

    It was downloaded more than 200x’s so there is apparently
    interest.I will give it a try and report back.This may prove
    useful. I have a Oxygen controller but haven’t figured out
    how to use the knobs… in programs… the docs suck!
    So,I’m hoping this will be more intuitive.

  • daniel

    Will definitely try it out! hoping it can make maping controls easy and I also want to control VST plugin-inserts in Nuendo (waves / URS .. etc) from my BCF2000.
    I’ll email feedback once try it for a while.

  • Hey, I just came across this and I use an M-Audio Keystation 88 Pro and a Line6 KB37. I also work with Cakewalk Sonar, Project5 and Kinetic. I will definately give it a try and report back to you.

    Thanks for your efforts.


  • Been searching for a long time for a solution to my Yamaha DM2000 + Vegas problem… will try it out…

    Am really excited to see if it works!

  • Kip

    Silversound, email me, I really would like to get the preset for vegas right! I don’t have Vegas, help me make it work.

  • Anybody got this working on SONAR 5.2? It The Mackie Control Surface just says connecting. Can’t get any further..

  • Kip

    Yeah Sonar seems like a bust, I can’t get my BCR200O in mackie mode to work with it…

  • kip

    Apparently, Sonar and Vegas have some sort of handshaking going on between the mackie and the software.
    I am working now to try to discover what that handshake is…
    and hopefully get it working for GenMce.

  • Kip

    Sonar solution found!
    Pending implementation. Email me if you want a work around.

  • D Robert Burroughs

    This looks very interesting. I am going to try this with several different programs I use and see how it works.

  • AndyV

    I’m using a Cakewalk(Peavey) StudioMix with Sonar 6.2. Most of that works, but I’d like to add the control surface of a Yamaha PM-01 to be able to work with Sonar, and maybe both or either control surface to work with MOTU’s CueMix control to control the MOTU 828mkII interface. I’m downloading GenMce and will be trying to implement it for my situation over the next few days.


  • Kip

    To use this with Sonar, please email me.
    You will need to use, vsthost instead and send a sysex string.

  • Francesco

    downloading – back soon! :)

  • Matt

    Hey, I just found this program. I have a question. Has anyone tried this with the Yami 02r? Also, any plans for the XT to support Pro Tools?


  • kip

    Matt, you are right, I have not updated XT to include the presets… hmmm…
    Email me and tell me how GenMce is working with protools… so I will know all the commands are working correctly.

  • Baptiste from Paris

    Hey !

    That’s excatly the subject I’m working on since 2 weeks : transforme my Axiom25 in Mackie control unit to work with ableton live 6.
    I’ve found your site completely by chance and downloaded this GenMce. Thanks for your work, I’ll install this these days and give you a feedback!

  • Kip

    GenMce 1.6 beta released!
    See new website for details…
    Still FREE! Help me test it!

  • Kip

    Bugs!!!!! in 1.6
    Sorry to all who downloaded it.
    Please get 1.61 for fixes.

  • GenMce v1.63 (final) is released.

  • elias

    hello!! has anyone got genmce or vsthost working with bcr200 and sonar?? i’d like some help!!!! please!! thanks!!!!!! :)

  • genmce

    have you tried contacting genmce?
    Genmce redux is out!
    Should work with sonar, untested.

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