Giorgio Sancristoforo releases Gleetchlab 3


Giorgio Sancristoforo has released Gleetchlab 3, a sound design and glitch music performance suite.

Gleetchlab is a stand-alone software for glitch music authoring and sound design. Gleetchlab is a modular software designed for realtime sound manipulation.

Gleetchlab 3Gleetchlab 3 includes convolution, waveshaping distortion, feedback generators, stuttering, granular re-synthesis, spectral filtering, loop points manipulation, CD skip simulation, wow simulation, and MIDI implementation.

Gleetchlab 3 features

  • Store and recall every Gleetchlab setting on the fly.
  • Integrate your favorite VST plugins.
  • Use surround both in live and recording.
  • New powerful and odd internal plugins.
  • Process up to 4 stereo live inputs like guitars, keyboards and voices.
  • Complete MIDI implementation chart.
  • Two more sampler players.

Gleetchlab 3 is available for Mac and costs 10.69 EUR. A demo version can be downloaded from the product page (in demo mode the software will fully work for 8 minutes).

Visit Gleetchlab for more information.

  • neesium

    Hey Ronnie~

    the price.. what is up with the decimal point… 10.69 ?? Would that possibly be some kind of inside Gleetchlab joke or is that a standard euro practice?

    A currency converter changes it to $13.50 US Is that right? Ronnie, your blog says 10,69 (comma instead of decimal) Putting that in the converter, it comes to $1350 =80

    At $13 It a deal :)

  • I actually copied the amount from the PayPal page (which is in Italian, and EUR). It uses a comma to indicate cents since we silly Europeans use commas instead of dots. ^_^