Giveaway: Dubstep Production Course in Logic Pro by FracTroniX

Producertech FracTroniX course

Producertech is offering readers a chance to win one of its latest online video courses: Dubstep Production in Logic Pro by FracTroniX.

In this new online course, FracTroniX takes you through each stage of producing a heavy Dubstep track with Logic Pro.

The course is split into parts, which focus on each of the main areas of production, including creating beats, basslines and melodic accompaniment, as well as mixing and mastering.

You have a chance to get the first part of the series – Making Heavy Beats – by leaving a comment below. The deadline is February 15th, 11.59pm CET. On February 16th, 2013, the lucky winner will be picked at random, and announced here.

Good luck!

More information: Dubstep Production Course in Logic Pro

Producers Choice
  • Jason Cooper

    womp womp

    • rui

      free in all internet

  • dan

    ok I’m in

    • rui

      free in audioz

  • J. Hartmann


    • rui

      free in audioz for all

  • Im in to

    • rui

      free in audioz for all people

  • Eric

    sounds wubberful.

    • rui

      free in audioz for all

  • Absolutely fantastic dubstep tutorial.

  • M8 do you even compress?!?!??!!?

  • Jimmy

    Count me in guys!

  • frank

    count me in! great opportunity for a music production student such as myself

    • Congratulation, Frank! The random number generator picked you as the winner. You’ll get an email with details on how to get the course shortly.

      • frank

        brilliant, thanks :D do i reply to the email or on here (to you) with my account details?

        • Hi Frank, please respond to the email and they’ll set it up for you.

  • ajamsterdam

    I almost bought this the other day but went with a logic fubstep template at dancemidisamples. The course looks great and i’m always up to learn something new.

  • Alex Danell

    Sounds like a plan man!

  • The winner (Frank) was picked. Thanks everyone for participating!

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