Giveaway: Win Circle² synthesizer by Future Audio Workshop

Future Audio Workshop has just launched Circle², a major update to the synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac.

FAW Circle2

Circle² is the new major update to Future Audio Workshop’s flagship software synthesizer, Circle. Since its release in 2009, Circle has achieved cult status, becoming a key tool in the arsenal of both seminal underground and pop hitmakers such as Hudson Mohawke, Arca, David Guetta and Deadmau5.

The 2015 update incorporates several new features, modules and effects, extending the spectrum of sounds that can be composed. Circle² also features a completely redesigned user interface, providing a forward-thinking interpretation of Circle’s esteemed user-centred design approach.

Circle² includes new features like Vector Phase Shaping synthesis, a fully re-written audio engine, retina display ready interface, improved workflow, and more.

Future Audio Workshop is offering you a chance to win a free copy of the synth!

Simply leave a comment below before Friday April 10th, 2015, 11.59pm CET. We will draw the lucky winner shortly after. Good luck!

More information: Future Audio Workshop

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  • Marcelo Reis

    Wish me good luck! :)

  • Ramses Salen

    Been looking at this for some time now. Would love to be able to get the full version!

  • Nicholas

    Looks like a great synth became greater!

  • house party

    Good luck to all!

  • unkewl333

    Yes… Would love this! Demo sounds sharp!

  • Transienta

    Good luck!

  • ddt2860 .

    Looks slick….

  • Oleg T.

    Want to try it in my next track

  • J Pow

    Love the interface and intrigued by the VPS oscillator!

  • CL516

    Playing with demo, I think it sounds pretty good!
    My Mac Pro is pretty old though, so sometimes it has trouble keeping up with all the stuff going on visually with this plugin.
    But the demo never crashed, only a couple times it hung up on beachball for a few seconds. Some great new sounds here.

  • Luke Inglis

    Might as well throw my hat in the ring…

  • noblogo

    For sure one of the most playable vsti

  • aaron bergman

    Looks great.

  • TekMonki

    TekMonki’s needin’ a Circle!

  • Steve Chab

    What a beautiful and useful piece of software. I would really like to win this!

  • Grzegorz B

    Loved the interface when using Demo of Circle1. And a lot of waveforms to choose from. :)

  • Paul Evans

    Awesome piece of software. Looks very promising.

  • NAИ

    Love the UI on this one. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  • Interlocutor

    Looks great! Can’t wait to hear it.

  • MrVision

    Great giveaway, good luck everyone!

  • I just downloaded the demo – I look forward to trying it out. Best to all, Shan

  • eddus

    You can’t square a circle; this competition is invalid (but please put me in for the prize draw, thanks!)

  • DoctorBob

    This look great – something different and capable of new sounds for my arsenal. Would so love to have this. Thanks too for this “giveway” – kudos folks.

  • Jonathan Brown

    I like the audio samples a lot–they don’t sound too processed, but still nice and present. Also love the clutter-free interface :)

  • electricthing

    Bzoing whap whap whap(pe…e..)

  • staudtgc

    Sounds great!

  • Good Luck Guys :)

  • Dwight Denzer

    Will It go round in circles
    Will It fly high like a bird up in the sky

  • Anders Hofsten

    If only my OS had the minimal UI circle has.

  • remesiis

    peace & love :)

  • 3ee

    yum, looks like a tasty synth! :)

  • Antal Nusselder

    Looks great! Hope i win ;)

  • Kartik

    Can’t wait to see who wins :)

  • Erik Løvaas

    Crossing my fingers :)

  • Max Gutov

    Worth a try ;)

  • satYatunes

    Let me try my luck. Oh yes, the GUI is nice too ;-)

  • etherdesign

    Love the look and sound of this synth, good luck everyone!

  • Paweł


  • Prof.Logik

    Good luck to everyone.

  • Alexandre Néron

    I would like that a lot!

  • leaving a comment because I seriously need this badly noaw@!

  • Ravn Revheim

    Looks a really nice synth, so of course I would love to have it!

  • Deedubble

    I willie liked the first one…so the second one with new features is a beast 2.

  • Would be a good weapon to work with !

  • Dave Thomas

    Looks fun!

  • Psilo

    GUI is epic ! :D

  • Martynas Gerasevičius

    what’s this?

  • This looks like it would be pretty cool to have

  • Peter Teipe

    Circle2 would be a great addition to my arsenal of VST synthesizers! I like that i have a lot of variety in sounds and textures in software for my band projects, and would definitely utilize Circle2 in our writing and recording process.

  • Mogens Dam

    After a visit at Future Audio Workshops website, I find Circle2 a very interesting synth. Would love to have it in my collection.

  • Walter Wutz

    Sounds very promising!! Circle2 looks cool!

  • This synth looks pretty cool!

  • Great sounding synth!

  • WWcomposer

    really want to try out the new Vector Phase Shaping synth mode.

  • Adrian Anders

    Sounds good.

  • Jay E.

    sounds really cool!

  • Mario Severin

    Great fresh GUI makes big sounds, huh? :-)

  • Sweet giveaway!

  • oxyle

    verry good synth i want please :)

  • Slide

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!Good Luck Everyone

  • Francesco Synth Meeting Mulass

    One of my fav plugin!
    Thanks for this contest.

  • Lucaluca

    I would love to try this out!

  • I love the sound of this synth, I would love to experiment with it on my soundscapes.

  • LeandroSeabra

    I´m in! Thanks!

  • oh man… circle 1 looked beautiful but circle 2 looks something else. Make a poor student happy and give him synth!

  • mkmeesv

    Really enjoying the demo, great sounding synth!

  • Joao Azevedo

    Awesome !!
    pick me , pick me !!!!

  • groov

    I would love this:)

  • Raincheck*

    This is awesome. 4 osc, and still a one for noise!
    I should be buying this..

  • Luis Bicho

    I would one one of those…Happy music everyone.

  • alltrance66

    Would be happy to get this one!

  • Daniel Mesa

    Ufff the circle one is incredible, the circle two is… GOD!

  • Wilfried Caspers

    Yes… want to win this!

  • Great soundsamples on their page. Interestings sounds – perfect for my music :-)
    Would love to win it.

  • Terry Corey

    This would be sick to win!

  • Travis Basso

    Rock on with Circle!

  • djdrue

    have always been a fan of circle, and have always recommended it to other producers..

  • Andrulian

    The GUI looks great, thanks for the opportunity

  • Oh, i wish that i am the lucky winner. It sure is one tasty little plug-in and would make a great addition for me. :)

  • and nestr

    Tried in demo mode and immideatly create “piano” sound with new VPS, which I have been looking for a long time. Amazing synth!

  • Anatolyj_B

    I am a bot and i want

  • szcz

    In… before the lock… it looks marvelous and I always like to test my luck. Cheers.

  • Carl Michael Benson

    Looks cool

  • Ravn Revheim

    Yes please, would love this one, looks awesome!

  • And the winner is… Reverend Entity! Congrats, you’ll receive your copy of Circle2 shortly.

    Thanks to all for joining, good luck next time. Sign up at if you want to make sure you don’t miss the next contest/giveaway.

  • asdubstep

    Yes please. A perfect circle!

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