Goldbaby Productions releases CR-78 Rex files

Goldbaby Productions

Goldbaby Productions has released another pack of free samples.

This sample pack features some CR-78 Rex files that didn’t get used in Tape Drum Machines Vol 2.

Check this review for more information on Tape Drum Machines Vol 2 (Hint: it’s great!).

Visit Goldbaby’s free stuff page for a link to download the free CR-78 Rex files.

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  • beatman

    I’m not trying to be an ass but…. I never understood the appeal to the CR78. Every Roland drum machine or module I had; always included these corny sounds. This isn’t a jab at these samples because I haven’t heard them. But… every time I see these samples being offered somewhere, I have to shake my head and wonder who actually uses these sounds like they’re fire?

  • Lots of retro/vintage gear still gets plenty of use in modern music (a lot of modern music sounds like slightly updated 20-year old music anyway).

    Perhaps it’s a bit like fashion — if you wait long enough your old clothes and hairdo will be hip again ^_^

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