Goldbaby Productions releases Vinyl Drum Machines

Goldbaby Productions Vinyl Drum Machines

Goldbaby Productions has released Vinyl Drum Machines, a collection of samples of drum machine sounds recorded on vinyl.

Sampling off vinyl has been a staple of many producers since samplers were invented. Vinyl has an unmistakable sound. Using it as a sample source you get material that is dripping with personality and warmth, that digital sources just can’t recreate.

I have always wanted a record with just drum machine samples on it. Finally I did something about it.

Vinyl Drum Machines features

  • 14 drum machines all pressed onto vinyl at Dub Studio.
  • Played by 3 turntables (audiophile, vintage and portable).
  • 1468 x 24 bit samples.
  • Including bunus content: Vinyl Noise, Vinyl Clicks, Vinyl Hitz and center grooves.

A PDF with more details on the drum machines, turntables and other gear used is available from the Goldbaby website.

Vinyl Drum Machines is currently available for GURU ($34 USD) and as a Wav Pack ($29 USD) with Battery 3 and ReFill coming soon.

Visit Goldbaby Productions for more information and some audio demos.

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  • captain blunt

    Noble concept. I used to purposely record sounds to my Tascam 4 trk, then sample them. I did this some years ago because I noticed the difference in sound quality.

    Why is it… that no one seems to offer sounds from various sample based digital drum machines and keyboards Like Roland, Kurzweil, Korg, Kawai, Yamaha, E-MU, Boss, Alesis, Ensoniq ( Asr10/X) Akai, etc…

    Everything is always 808, 909, 606, 505, 727, and other typical analog boxes that are overdone constantly.

    The digital samples seem to be far more rare to come by than these constantly, offered analog boxes. It’s like the analog boxes never went anywhere, but the digital ones, are like… hard to find relics by comparison!

  • I also resample my own samples through cassette so I really appreciate this vinylizing thing!

    About the sample based drum machines, I believe the issue would be that these samples have copyright on them, unlike the sounds you get from analog boxes.

  • The Battery version is available now for $34 USD.

    Vinyl Drum Machines for Battery contains:

    16 x Kits

    A selection of midi file to preview the kits

    1468 x 24 bit wav samples

    These include:

    One shot drum sounds recorded from an acetate played back on 3 different turntables.

    Vinyl hitz and fx.

    Vinyl noise and clicks.

    …and centre grooves.

    Drum Machines used:

    TR-808, TR-909, TR-606, TR-505, TR-626, LM-1, Linn Drum, Drumulator, SP12, uTonic, MBase01, Ritmo 12, DR-110, CR-78

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