Grymmjack Oatmeal skins


Maple and Brown-Sugar is a skin for Fuzzpilz’ amazing freeware synth Oatmeal. The original skin wasn’t all that bad but Grymmjack’s work is pure eye candy.

The layout of the skin also makes it a bit easier to program Oatmeal.

Maple and Brown-Sugar skin for Oatmeal by GrymmjackMaple and Brown-Sugar skin for Oatmeal by Grymmjack

In addition to the regular Maple and Brown-Sugar skin, you can also get an excited version (which basically has an increased contrast).

Also, if brown is not your color, you can change the skins color to fit your personal taste. A Photoshop source file (.psd) with all the different skin parts and fonts used, is available as well as a source file with color variations. You can simply drag the layer set you want applied from the layer pallete directly onto the opened up PNGs one at a time, and it will apply the modification.

Then again, maybe one of the following color variations will suit you just fine: Renoise Owns, Blueberry, Lime and Slate

Renoise Owns skin for Oatmeal
Blueberry skin for Oatmeal
Lime skin for Oatmeal
Slate skin for Oatmeal

The files below are for Oatmeal 37-4.

28/01/2008 – Newer skins for Oatmeal v36-7 are available here.


Some other people did skins based on “Maple and Brown-Sugar” as well. Check for links here.

Thanks to Grymmjack for making Oatmeal even better to work with!

  • edward

    Great skins! Thank you!

  • Hendrik

    wow. great skins for a superb vst.
    Thanks a lot :)

  • Make sure to check Limeflavour’s as well, really nice stuff:

  • Mark Solis

    can any help me find where that transpose knob is on this skin?. I can see it on limeflavours but not on this one. but I like this skin better and this what I really want to use

    • Which transpose? The global is in the bottom left next to the output gain knob.

      • Mark Solis

        I meant the tuning for oscillator 2. where you can tune it by semitones

        • It’s the “step” knob, but it doesn’t have intervals like Limeflavors skin. It behaves like the original skin instead.

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