GTG Synths releases GTG K1.3

GTG Synths GTG K1.3

GTG Synths has released the GTG K1.3, a remake of the K1 virtual synthesizer plug-in for Windows.

Changes in GTG K1.3

  • Better filter controls.
  • Added a damp function on the delay.
  • Improved layout.
  • Standard MIDI implementation.
  • Some minor enhancements.

GTG K1.3 is available for download as a freeware VST instrument for Windows PC.

More information: GTG Synths / GTG K1.3

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  • just a suggestion, i don’t think it’s worth while to post decimal updates to software, unless it’s a major DAW or program. i don’t think people really care for this stuff, and if they do they can set a notification on KVR.

    just suggesting cause i come here to get away from that trend at KVR. the most useful software can get continual press just by updating minor problems.

    what do you think?

  • that meant to say “useLESS”

  • On the one hand I agree with you, on the other hand for quite a number of people a minor version update might be the first time they come across a particular plug-in.

    This GTG K1.3 for instance was last posted about when it was updated in March 2008, a good year and a half ago.

    This is a good topic for a poll. I will put one up shortly.

  • Cheddar Man

    Seems a bit whiny if you ask me. It’s sorta pointless to complain about such things especially when you’re paying absolutely nothing for it.

    How many people actually hit the donate links when these developers have taken the time to offer their hard work without charge? I see far too many complaints for things that are free. Their bandwidth certainly isn’t!

    No one is forced to read anything nor forced to come on sites like KVR or Rekkerd! Just ignore the post if you’re seriously bothered. It’s has to be better things to do?

  • I value the suggestion of Mr. Tunes, and although everyone is iindeed free to visit or leave this site I think it’s important to know what my reader do and do not like.

    Cheddar Man, I also do want to support the small developers by bringing their work (including updates) to the attention of my readers. Besides that though, do you appreciate posts on the (smaller) version updates?

  • Cheddar Man: whether or not i pay for this shit is irrelevant. if Ronnie didn’t care about his readers, he wouldn’t have started a blog in the first place. we all know that music tech news isn’t the most profitable industry to blog about. i’m only trying to help.

    as for people who whine about bandwith, that is a complete joke too. the software is usually less than a megabyte yet they claim this is costing a ton to serve.

    no one is forced to read anything on these sites, but their feed is clogged up with garbage. do i have better things to do than to complain? actually, no!

    thanks ronnie for taking my suggestion gracefully :)

  • Cheddar Man

    There was nothing graceful about your anger laced response, especially your pointless profanity on a site that deals with “music” based topics. Being gangsta when a civilized response is all that’s needed simply invokes pointless arguments.

    As for bandwidth… my point is; these developers don’t have sites that are completely free for them to operate. Hosting costs money! People using free hosting usually have bandwidth limits. I’ve seen enough downed pages that said BANDWIDTH EXCEEDED!

    This isn’t a surprise when you’re reaching 800 or more downloads within a few hours and folks are using D.L. managers and DLing multiple things at once. It’s more to it than simply file size!

    All said & done…I still don’t see the relevance in complaining about things you’re not paying a dime for!

  • Now you can vote:

    This blog exists because I like posting about the things I post about. That said, if nobody is actually interested in reading about minor version updates, I can use my time a lot better for other things.

    I value your input, guys!

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