Gunnar Ekornås updates ME80

Gunnar Ekornås ME80

Gunnar Ekornås has released an update for ME80, a virtual instrument plug-in for Windows which emulates the sound of the Yamaha CS-80.

Changes in this version

  • Fixed synthline2 LPF cutoff MIDI-learn.
  • Moved envelope page default/brassy switch for attack curve to avoid overlapping switches.
  • Modified the preset “too sensitive”.
  • This version has no copy protection. (Will never expire.)

ME80 is available to purchase as a VST instrument for Windows PC, priced at $40 USD. A demo version of ME80 can be downloaded from the Memorymoon website (has some audio dropouts).

More information: Gunnar Ekornås / ME80

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  • vic

    I bought this synth and I gotta say, it’s great! While most of the synths I got in the last year have been bitter disappointments, this one has been sweet. A true gem among a load of basalt. Sounds with depth and emotion to them, just great. Put this one up in the same league with sylenth1, imposcar and korg analog synths.

    In total contrast, divine machine kirshna sythn has been the bitterest dog. Just 4gb of horrible horrible sounds. All that talk about a new form of synthesis is just marketing doubletalk. The nasty digital distortion that permeates this stinker is pure misery on the ears.

  • I agree Vic, this is one lovely synth. I don’t own a CS-80 but I reckon the ME80 gets pretty close.

    Regarding Krishna– I have really tried to like it and although I do appreciate that harsh digital sound it can do, and it is a bit of a unique concept with that Frame Oscillator thing, it never really grew on me for some reason. Gets little use over here at the moment…

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